Wednesday, April 09, 2014

We Are All Sheep

Reluctant, but still sheep nonetheless.


leeholsen said...

i am not a sheep, i used to be but not anymore and the past 4 years of the republicans in DC did it for me. they have been all sorts of big talk and essentially have done nothing; so i cut the cord with this country. i live here but have no allegiance. in fact, last night instead of watching the factor spew its usual stuff; i watched german tv online to help bring my german back into shape in case germany is a bettter place to live than the usa at some point.

Ras Al ghul said...

We are still in the matrix if not of it, you are correct.

But there is still the Black Swan. They happen and will happen again.

The elites may dream of having a boot on the throat of humanity forever, may even think they do, but nothing lasts forever.

Aeroguy said...

The power elite is global, sure there are lesser factions such that you have a Russian power elite and a more important Sino power elite but given how they're all educated at the same western schools you'd be hard pressed to point out how they're any more meaningfully different than Republicans and Democrats are.

It seems like Roosh is dipping his toe into the NRx pool. I may be underestimating him and he's full blown NRx but is aware NRx is basically still in beta and isn't ready for prime time consumption by the manosphere yet.

Regardless, I'm glad he's attacking the mindlessness that grips so much of RoK.

Jones said...

Beware the power of the Wolf Sheep who collects sheep for shearing and skinning on the sly ...

Also, Wolf Sheep eat swans, no matter whether they are black or white.