Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Women Don't Have the Life Expectancy to View All the Pictures They're Taking

The increasing number of idiots in our military
Cavarrici jeans, Vail, Vanilla Ice concerts and other things douchey rich kids consumed in the late 80's,
and why every man needs to go out west


in this Denver-to-Vegas field episode of The Clarey Podcast!


Don Roberto said...

If only I had listened to this before going to Vegas. I went dressed well. It appeared noone else in the town felt the need to do similar...

My idea of casinos was based on James Bond, not on a seaside amusement arcade writ large!

Anonymous said...

do you priceline hotel rooms via 'name your own price' as you travel from MN-NV? or do you do hostel dorms or something totally free (e.g. sleep in car @ walmart).

Spitty said...

Not only have the physical standards been lowered, the quality of the training has diminished as well. I remember spending six months in Ground Radio School when I was in the Air Force back in 2009 hearing stories from the old timers about how the school used to be almost a year long. There are always things left out when you cut that much time.

When I was in my final year in the AF in 2012, I remember being assigned to help train up the new Airmen in my unit who were fresh out of school, which was now only four or five months. None of them knew anything about the radios we were responsible for maintaining. I did my best, but my friends that are still in tell me only one of them was any good at fixin' radios. Last I heard though he was being court marshalled on some bullshit false rape accusation. It made me so angry that whenever I think about it I feel ashamed of ever being in the Air Force.

ray said...

shit dont send them all out here it's too crowded already

Females and their Mobile Affirmation Devices, a pathology like the picturetaking. But hey, that's Capitalism for ya! :O)