Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Weakest Generation

WWII was the Greatest Generation.

Baby Boomers were the Lamest Generation.

Gen X, good lord, the most "Pathetic" Generation I suppose.

But there is no doubt the Millineals are the Weakest Generation.


Torgo said...

With all due respect, the WW2 generation was also famously called the "Generation of Vipers" by Philip Wylie, whose book is a Menckenesque "jeremiad that attacks the complacencies of the American way of life."

I mourn for what WW2 did to the minds and souls of both my grandfathers, and I wish that they had had the healthy and self-preserving mindset of Santino Corleone, "Only saps risk their life for strangers."

Antonio From Spain said...

WWII was the Greatest Generation.
Baby Boomers were the Lamest Generation.
the Greatest Generation were the parents of Baby Boomers
the Greatest Generation were lousy (the Lamest?) parents

Alejandro Villegas said...

You did skip the silent generation between the ww2 gen and the baby boomers. They were actually pretty cool,

Cappy have you looked into generational theory? The millenial generation is shaping up to be the next greatest generation.

Anonymous said...

We must eventually stop worshiping the WWII generation as the "greatest" yes hardened by adversity with the depression, more traditional - BUT - were in LOVE with socialism and the Soviet experiment and ushered in the WORST political whores ever to rot this nation (FDR to LBJ).

The baby boomers simply enjoyed the elimination of competition by the former and continued the decline with liberal socialist politics.

The WWII generation was simply useful ignorant patsies.

Kristophr said...

I was born in 1961 ... so I'm both Lame and Pathetic!

RobertW said...

Interesting that the millenial syndrome extends to Russia as well. I assumed it was mainly limited to Americans.

Paul, Dammit! said...

'S why I love working on the water. The Millenials we get as entry-level deckhands on my boat are for the most part decent, hardworking uneducated southern kids who are both unfailingly polite and happy to learn and chat. The kids coming out of the maritime academies with officer's licenses are college grads who got 4 years of special snowflake treatment as part of their 'officer' training, have about a 75% quit rate in the first 6 months. I've gotten phone calls twice for having given the bad ones girls' nicknames. Clarissa and Daisy ran to HR, which is made up of middle-aged women married to tugboat captains, and, after they get slut-shamed and sent home, I get a phone call, which consists of the HR ladies laughing and asking for more details. Hell with 'em. Immigrants and kids from the underclass make better officers.

Glen Filthie said...

Do you ever read that cunned stunt, Cap?

Clarissa is one to talk. What is that skank doing on your blogroll Cap? She has a useless degree, she is a commie, and is one of those 'higher education leeches' that you rail against.

And, she's pretty damn ugly too.

Eric B said...

The "Greatest Generation" brought us LBJ and the horrible socialist programs Medicare and Medicaid. We will be paying through the nose for those until the day we die because of the massive cost the baby boomers will put on those systems. "Greatest Generation" = Over-rated.