Saturday, April 12, 2014

What You Can Learn from Matt Forney

Congratulations are in order for Matt Forney who because of a recently acquired independent gig, is now 100% completely independent from all forms of employment.

However, Matt's recent success has a lesson for all men in it and I wanted to highlight it.

I personally like Matt but am lukewarm about the material he puts out.  It's a bit too crass for me and I like books more than I do what amounts to essays (ergo why I liked his hitchhiking book and not much of his other stuff).  This isn't to say that he material is bad, it's just not for me.

But here is the point:

Matt didn't start out a great writer (he is) and a good podcaster (he's improving).  Like you, like me, like every other person out there, he started out sucking.  But persistence pays off.  And just like I had 5 women walk off the dance floor from me whilst learning dance, over time, I ended up becoming an accomplished dancer.

Matt has achieved the same success.

Of course, there is no doubt in my mind that Matt received a lot of guff and flak. Both for his choice of material, opinions, and daring to aim to become an independent writer/blogger/podcaster.  But who is laughing now?

Matt is now 100% his own man.  He answers to no one and now has his entire life ahead of him ALONG with the right to spend it however he damn well pleases.  And he did so not by starting a billion dollar company or even getting a one hit wonder book.  He did it with multiple lines of revenue, pursuing minimalism, persistence AND ignoring the naysayers.

It is a feat many young men should emulate.

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