Saturday, April 26, 2014

Weekend Listening

Greetings all,

Returned early in the morning from a funeral from Milwaukee and have been playing catch up with spring cleaning, motorcycle prep, and the like.  unfortunately I had to do a video from the road and it is duly noted the audio and video quality suffers when I'm not in my "mother's basement."

Regardless, next week shall be more normal as I catch up on my chores.  In the meantime I present to you some podcasts I've been listening to over the past three weeks that I also found enjoyable.

Black Brigade's latest podcast.

Honey Badger Radio

Victory Unlimited's latest podcast on avoiding gold diggers.

Kerry Lutz's podcast on Japan's economy which proves interesting because we're basically Japan 15 years ago.

Follow The Money's podcast archive.


Acksiom said...

Last link is paywalled.

Eric Mueller said...

Ackisom, you can get Follow The Money through the podcast directories. Just do a search in your client.

Aaron, I read "Bankruptcy of our Nation" from your recommendation a few months ago. I've been following the podcast since. Good stuff.

Don T Tread said...

Thanks for the link, Cap.