Thursday, April 10, 2014

OK Cupid and Mozilla's Anti-Free Speech Idiocy

I liked Mozilla's Firefox.  I really did.  But when they showed they were not real Americans and kowtowed to the slightest bit of criticism from some Nazi anti-free speech assholes, I have no respect for them

This, then begets the standard request of dumbass, oblivious SWPL republican Americans to actually inconvenience themselves from their posh lives and boycott the evil that plots against them. But I know, I know, that's too much to ask from the sedated class.

They will still attend Leondardo DeCaprio movies.

They will still buy Starbucks coffee.

They will still use Firefox.

They are so stupid, ignorant and lazy they are the real reason the US will collapse.

Still, I insist on making my little commentary here for posterity so that I may die with a clean conscience 30-40 years from now.

So here's the basics:

Boycott OK Cupid if (for some reason) you have an account with them.


Get rid and uninstall Firefox if you're using it and replace it with Chrome, Explorer or some other browser.


Anonymous said...

On the phone i am using dolphin and the computer, pale moon. Thanks CC

ray said...


TroperA said...

Been using Pale Moon for the past few days. (They have a software tool that allows you to integrate your old settings with the new browser.) Aurini has a pretty good writeup on how to switch. Vox Day also gives tips on how to make sure the wegpages you visit know you're not running Firefox:

Jones said...

Debian Linux already solved this problem:

Now it's time for everyone else.

There used to be a "humping ice weasel" mod you could do to it that would change the browser's activity animation to an "ice weasel" wrapped around the planet, throbbing in motion every few moments.

It actually seems less awful than the way these pricks are fucking with the planet, mind you ...

Monroe Ficus said...

I chose Opera as my new browser. Uses the same system as Chrome (I assume, I don't know too much about these here browsers). They are Norwegian, so I assume eventually they'll make some sort of marxist diatribe, but until then I'm using it.

Aleks said...

The problem with switching to Chrome or IE is that Google and Microsoft promote the same anti-speech, anti-heterosexual ends as Mozilla and OKCupid. Google and Microsoft are more dangerous because they have more capital to perpetuate these ends, whereas Mozilla and OKC have virtually nothing compared to these corporate giants.

Google and Microsoft aired commercials during New Year's Eve which featured pro-sodomy and pro-feminist claptrap, far worse than what Coca-Cola did with their Super Bowl commercial.

Programmers and other tech gatekeepers are perpetually blue pilled, omega male bitches who lick the boots of the likes of Anita Sarkeesian, Dan Savage and Andrew Sullivan. They are, quite simply, nerds. Because they are nerds, they see themselves as permanent submissives in any relationship. Even worse, they think that there's dignity to be found in this submission, hence their radical homophilia and the anti-everything-except-degeneracy ideology that results from it.

Eric Mueller said...

I've been on Chrome for years. I've tried FireFox (it was my go-to browser before Chrome matured). I downloaded Pale Moon at Vox Day's suggestion. It works as well as FireFox, but like FF some sites won't load correctly in it.

I've mostly used FF when I get the rare chance to telework. My work's webmail seems to work best in IE Tab inside of FF.

The thing that gets me about this whole issue is the perception that Mozilla, OK Stupid, and some of these other SWPL institutions are far more concerned with people having the correct political position on "gay marriage" than they are with competent technical leadership. I'm not sure how many people fit these two conditions:
1) Have the "correct" political position on the issue
2) Are great programmers, developers, engineers, etc.

I don't think they could build an entire company on both those conditions being true. So I'll just enjoy the decline.

I have an OK Stupid account from when I was going through a frivorce last year. I haven't used it in forever since I met a great girl elsewhere. I don't want to give them the satisfaction of logging in to delete the account.

guru said...

It never ceases to amaze me how little conservatives and liberals get the changes around them. They are trying to play by the rules of a high trust society that doesn't exist anymore.

Liberty and capitalist economics are the dividends from a society with high social trust. Social trust doesn't come from those things. This inversion of causality is the a serious problem, and is the radical libertarians auto-immune disorder.

The editors at National Review when speaking on the very legitimate point that work place harassment laws protect them to, like all good oblivious people, pointed out that "that way madness lies." Yes, that's exactly the point. It is madness, and we have to play by mad rules. Nobody is going to save them from the eliminationist left.

Embrace the madness, go the full Colonel Kurtz.

BB753 said...

Ok Cupid, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc. Where to stop? All evil and liberal.
I´ve used Opera for years. It also works fine on smartphones.

Rich said...

I switched to the Pale Moon browser.

It's built from the same code base as Firefox. It looks and operates the same.

There is also a migration tool available at their website which ports over everything (including add ons).

The only dowside is that it is Windows only.

Anonymous said...

I use Firefox on several computers and would like to change. Problem is the owners of Chrome and IE Explorer are just as bad as Mozilla. They probably would pre-screen a a candidate so a situation like that with Eich and OK cupid would never even come up. Seems like the whole tech industry is dominated by these freaks. I have found a couple alternatives that look promising (Avante for example) Problem is these companies may be just as PC as Google, Microsoft and Mozilla. What is one to do?

Anonymous said...

Two alt suggestions:

Pale moon browser
Epic browswr.

The former is a firefox open source code recompiled wothout the stupid bits.

The latter is chromium code base (open source chrome code) that the are optimizing for security

Anonymous said...

Really? Google Chrome? From the same left-wing Google that went all-in helping Obama 2012 to data-mine and micro-target voters for their campaign? While I don't like Mozilla's behavior, their firing of their CEO was at least clearly their right, and most of the fallout will be on their plate to deal with. How much worse is helping Obama get elected?

No, given that there are pages that just don't work in IE that I need to access, I'll still keep Mozilla over Google Chrome. Lesser of two evils, and all that.

leeholsen said...

captain, you are not enjoying the decline !

imo, part of the decline is that the people that would go along with this are just going to increase in numbers and the govt likes it because they are easy to control with a few trinkets.

its best to sit down with a good cigar and beer and observe them as inferior because they are and figure ways to gain benefits from their inferiority.

Unknown said...

What's up with OK cupid? I don't use them but I liked some of their OK trends blog posts.
Link to a sphere article?

Anonymous said...

The reason to hate Mozilla and Ok Cupid is they are anti-speech not because they may be liberal or support gay marriage.

While Thompson and Schmidt are Democrats, the donation lists show they employ a lot of libertarians in top positions. Google even brought Dr. Paul in to speak at one point. The Obama campaign work was done by one employee who happened to get a job there after the campaign. I've had offers from both organizations having run for office as a libertarian. A plurality of libertarians are in engineering.

We may be nerds, but we are engineers first and do not engage in relationships without a cost benefit ratio greater than one. I'd be more than content never to interact with any other members of mankind, so I am a lone wolf more than anything else. I've never heard of Savage or Sarkeesian and disagree with Sullivan. I also don't watch commercials.

Jose Romero said...

Oh DAMN! And i really liked Mozilla Firefox too!

Now i got to go back to crappy IE!!

Anonymous said...

Looking at Pale Moon. The one hangup I have is that their own website says that "paranoid" antivirus' can go crazy with them. Included in that list is AVG, which I like. I want my antivirus to be paranoid, and AVG has saved my butt a few times. Has anybody switched to Pale Moon and had AVG? Results?

Subotai Bahadur

Anonymous said...

I switched to Avant Browser. Now I wonder why I've waited for so long. Much better than Firefox, blocks almost all popups, and can switch between rendering engines with the click of a button - IE, Chrome, or Firefox. Love it!

Anonymous said...

It seems like you can't own a computer if you actually boycott all the products that now come with a politically leftist position.

It starts to get a little pointless it seems. I wouldn't be surprised if your alternative browsers would have all done the exact same thing as Mozilla. Your assumption that they are less prone to leftist bullshit than Mozilla is probably a wrong one.