Wednesday, April 30, 2014

How to Tell a Person is Worthless

An excerpt from the latest podcast, but one that is important as it explains it is not the color of your skin, your sexual orientation, or your gender that matters because you did NOTHING to earn said traits.  You were born with them.  It is what you've achieved in your life that defines your worth:


Uracil said...

38-year-old manchild Aaron Clarey was found dead in his basement this morning after the Liberal Arts Commune Fighters lobbed eight mortar rounds into his home. Mrs. Clarey was seen throwing Clarey's
timeless books at the LATC as they arrived to loot the remains of his totally aristocratic home.

More news tonight at 11 about Clarey's Clarity Charity for America's Posterity, a covert money laundering operation started
by truth-saying state criminal Aaron Clarey. Back to you, Jim.

Captain Capitalism said...


leeholsen said...

Cappy, what you are not understanding is that the high majority of people are worthless. most grow up, eat, sleep, shit, maybe have kids and die. very few will do anything outside their circle and attempt to affect anything outside their circle. this is why you have things like there always being a blood shortage despite the fact almost everyone can donate blood and it rearely affects them to do it on a regular basis.

this is one of the main reasons i see no hope for the usa turning things around, most people will just not make an effort to better things.

why is why i'm just "enjoying the decline" now. beer and cigars on the schedule for friday for my ringside seat to watch fox news chronicle the decline events of the day.