Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Clarey Podcast - "College Students Walking in the Desert" Episode

Aaron tells is "Hippie Chick With a Staph Infection in Idaho" story, gives the most valuable advice in a long time to people "lost" after graduating from college, doesn't understand "Tinder," responds to the "live in your mother's basement" accusations, and asks, given Dartmouth's recent caving to an spoiled brat college student, if college is for education or indoctrination


in this latest episode of The Clarey Podcast.

Language warning.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cap,

Off topic, but I just re-read your post from Nov 25th, 2012 called "The "Less Sucky Economy" Bubble" and it stuck me that not only have things played out that way so far, but that most of what you said in that post is very much like what Martin Armstrong has been saying about why the stock market has been going up over the past number of years despite all the bad things going on in the US. Its crazy but around the world you have gov'ts even more aggressly trying to rob their people. In Europe there is talk of bank bail ins, where banks in trouble just take a certen percentage of their deposters' money. You've got many of the rich in China trying to get their money out. So people around the world are afraid of their money being stollen by their governments, so they put it in the US stock and real-estate markets. There are Chinese who are buying up whole sections of Detroit!

Also, despite all the problems with the US dollar as reserve world system, it is likely to stay that way longer then many may think. It's not that countries and people around the world trust us so much. They don't. It's just that they trust everyone else even less. In Europe they are scared of Russia as Putin wants to expand westward. In Asia, they are scared of China as it wants to expand into the Pacific. In South America, they are scared of what crazy thing the governments will do next.

I posted a little about Martin Armstrong in one of your comment sections a while back. Using his model he has made a number of really great calls in the past.

He thinks the stock market will top out in 2015 somewhere with the Dow between 26000 to 32000 (if I remember right) then crash in the third quarter of that year. This will cause the dollar to become even stronger (at least in the short term). This will also be when he thinks gold will start really going up again.

I think you should read some of his writings and listion to a few of his interviews. I would like to know what you think of his overall ideas and his economic model. He has done some interviews with Kerry Lutz and I think he spoke via Skype at that confrence you were at.

TroperA said...

If you're looking for places to go to in Idaho, try "Craters of the Moon" national park. Very interesting and alien landscape. Good if you're into Geology and stuff like that.

Do you have any plans to go see the 2017 total solar eclipse? It's August 21 and it's going to go through a lot of the Western United States. You'll need to keep an eye on when hotels will start accepting guests for that date since I'm guessing every hotel along the eclipse line will fill up fast.

Kristophr said...

Oregon ( pronounced "Orygun", dammit ) is beautiful, and worth hiking.

Fill the tank in Idaho, stack some MREs in the trunk, and use a tent.

If you have to buy something, buy in a small town ... the folks there are all conservative victims of the socialist retards that have infested the Willamette valley.

Kristophr said...

BTW, Tinder is a combination of hot or not, and online dating.

People post on tinder to troll for emails and texts leading to dates.