Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Adventures in "Going Galt" Manliness

After a full day yesterday of chainsawing wood, hauling it, and then splitting it, I felt very manly. However, unbeknownst to me if you have a chainsaw you inevitably have to sharper the chain or replace it. Since buying a new chain would only create a transaction that the government could tax, a friend of mine has a chain sharpening kit he is willing to give me for free. This "going Galt move" now allows me to get several uses or cycles out of one chain rather than replacing it. Furthermore, this is additional proof that going Galt makes you manly. "Sharpening chainsaw chains" is pretty damn macho.


Anonymous said...

What's next? You are going to start eating nails for breakfast.

Anonymous said...

"Sharpening chainsaw chains" is pretty damn macho.

I've done it, you can't fool me, it's kind of like rock/fossil hunting - sounds great "Indiana Jones" like, butthe reality is far from thrilling.

Well, unless you leave the chain saw running while you sharpen it.

Ian said...

"Chain sharpening Kit" !!! That's not very manly, just grab a file and sharpen the durn thing!


Anonymous said...

Well, they make electric sharpeners for chains, but real men do it by hand with a file. Besides, the chains last longer when you do 'em by hand.

I'm sure that the Captain knows this, but some of you rookies need to know that wood must be seasoned (dried) to burn well.