Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thank You Ben Stein

Humans are amazing creatures of habit and repetition. So much to the point you really wonder if they're sentient beings at all and are instead automotons that just do what their genetic programming tells them. Foremost of which I view as an "automotomic" trait being that of having children. As most of you know, I am thoroughly ensconced in the "no children camp," actually forever condemned to the "no children camp" on account I had a vasectomy. However, it is not the fact people have children or breed that shocks me, but rather their response to me and those like me who just plain refuse to have children. Most responses are "what's wrong with you?" Some claim I have an "obligation" to breed. Some even go so far to accuse me of being greedy for not suffering the pain that is known as having children.

However, there is ryhme and reason for not breeding, and for once it comes from a respectable individual that everybody seems to like; Ben Stein.

So don't listen to me. And don't yell at me for not wanting to breed. Listen to and yell at Ben.


Anonymous said...

The fun begins when Stein's NPV calculations are done on old folks who are taking up space for which Our Rulers have other uses.

Bravo Beast said...

Watch the movie Idiocracy and realize that your free choice not to breed is part of the problem.

On the other hand, good genes don't always produce smart progeny.

You should have donated sperm to the sperm bank. Best of both worlds - no children to care for, continue the Cappy Cap lineage, and even make a few bucks.

Anonymous said...

Buck here,

I totally agree with Bravo.

You're insuring that the intellectually, financially "meek" shall inherit the earth.

Think about it, Obama has two daughters. There will be no Jr. Captains to counter them online.