Monday, November 02, 2009

Death of the MSM

The only newspaper, THE ONLY NEWSPAPER NOT to have its subscription drop was the one semi-conservative newspaper.
I'd be curious to see how The Economist is selling.


Nick Rowe said...

I wouldn't call the WSJ any kind of "conservative." I'd call them the ONLY newspaper on that list. The rest are all propaganda machines. None of them have news stories you can't get for free on the internet. I don't know why anyone buys a paper anymore.

The San Francisco Chronicle doesn't even make the list. Doesn't even match the Cleveland or Detroit paper. Pathetic!

Remember that guy from the New York Crimes who got caught plagiarizing? He's "working" as a LIFE COACH and, of all things, speaking on journalistic ethics. That's like William Calley teaching leadership and speaking about war crimes.

Anonymous said...

The WSJ is going to take a hit too. The paper ( dead tree ) has been eviscerated. There is hardly any raw data left in it. The reporting has been 'sexed up'. Our office subscription - still in the name of my grandfather - is being canceled.

DrEvil said...

NY Post and Newsday are both conservative papers so its not just the liberal rags like the NY Slimes that are going down the drain.

Have an Evil day.

CBMTTek said...

I see a common thread in most forum postings, letters to editors, or other liberal media. They always contain at least one of the following talking points:
1. I read several news papers and news magazines.
2. I polled my friends and coworkers, all of which are extremely well read, and up on current events.

- or -

3. Every newspaper is in agreement with _____

OK, if all these people are reading the newspapers, why is their subscription base falling every year?

CBMTTek said...

Sorry, have to disagre with DrEvil.

Newsday is a safe distance from conservative. Not anywhere near as liberal as the Times, or the Washington Post, but still WAY far away from conservative.
The NY Post is a safe distance for news, actually closer to the Enquirer. If it was not for their Sports coverage, there would be no redeeming value for the Post.