Thursday, November 19, 2009

Where is Your Stimulus Money Going?

Click here and you can type in your area code and get a break down of the money.

Surprise, surprise, the majority of my money is going to the...



CBMTTek said...

Bigger surprise.

Small businesses are getting grants of $22K and up because their credit is too low to obtain financing otherwise.

No, wait, seriously???


A nail salon on Long Island got a grant of $22k

OK, a nail salon? How many people will they employ? Has the nail industry been particularly hard hit in this recession?

Are they f-ing serious?

At least some of the schools that got money were teaching some technical things, but a NAIL SALON?

Nick Rowe said...

This site is more than useless - it's a waste of time.

Remember the street project I wrote about? Well it USED to be listed here. Now it has magically vanished. The California Recovery site has a map which has been ubeing updated by the federal government for the past two weeks. The project has magically disappeared from their site too.

When I contacted TIGER, the DOT program that paid for this, they referred me to the city.

Our money is gone and were never gonna see it again.

amcz said...

The sad part is that teachers are rarely fired even during economic downturns. That really is wasted money.