Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hitler on Global Warming

I thought I was onto it first;

Apparently not;


Anonymous said...

There seems to be an even bigger story brewing, in regards to the Climategate issue. The refusal of the mainstream media to air the story.
Just imagine if the hacked emails were between Exxon and BP employees.Imagine the media explosion, if the emails discussed suppressing global warming data, from within the oil industry.

I say hats off to the Bloggers of the world. They are doing the job of reporting on important world events. The mainstream media suppresses any story that goes against their socialist agenda.Check out the details on the Copenhagen plan, it is all about wealth redistribution. The media reports, that it is all about saving the planet.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, not again

Anonymous said...

I agree - not only is there a massive fraud and perversion of science, the press is once again failing to do even the basics of fairly and honestly reporting the news.

Long live the internet - the press's stranglehold on information has been broken.

These pseudo-scientists should be banned from publishing anything, but they won't.

And Copenhagen should be cancelled.

But this isn't about science, or even global-warming... it's about the US government seizing power over its citizens, it's about socialists doing everything in their power to destroy capitalism and other free capitalist countries, it's about the haters of the USA destroying our nation as we know it.

In an incredible turnabout, suddenly my wife has become interested in wind and solar energy on our rural home. She's always been dead set against it, but with the threat of Copenhaqen and Obama's cap and trade, she's now very much interested.

Anonymous said...

I like yours better.