Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Symbolism Over Substance

Rush has said liberalism is always "symbolism over substance." And even though it is a bumper sticker soundbite it is true. Nowhere is this more apparent than the Copenhagen global warming meeting where pious, worthless, self-bragging, trust fund baby brats who contribute nothing to this world are going to decide what the rest of the world should do. Well, OK, actually, they're going to tell the Western world what to do, the rest of the world will just give these self-righteous pompous asses the bird as they emit more carbon than the West could ever hope to save;

I think I'm just going to print about 100,000 of these off and put them under the windshield wipers of Priuses.



Anonymous said...

Ooooo! I have an idea! Tax the sun, that'll teach em!

Ryan Fuller said...

"Ooooo! I have an idea! Tax the sun, that'll teach em!"

That's a good idea! With less sunlight, there will be more demand for the work of candlestick makers and other associated industries, providing work for everyone! Somebody should write a petition!

Oh wait... somebody did.