Monday, November 23, 2009

The Chinese Should Listen to Cappy Cap

I like it when readers write intelligent things.

What would be GREAT is if they SENT ME THE INTELLIGENT THINGS THEY WROTE WHEN THEY WROTE THEM because the Captain does appreciate a day off from blogging, which good posts by readers permit.

From Mr. Fuller.

From Econmom.

But to answer Economom's question about what would make a deferred velocity no longer deferred.

China and other countries that no longer care to hold onto our currencies. Not that they'd dump them on the market (because that would trigger a collapse in the price of the dollar), but by indication they refuse to lend the US any more money by buying any new treasuries (which would trigger a decline anyway).

Matter of fact I just shorted the US dollar against an unnamed currency this morning despite the US dollar's decline this past 6 months. And you want to know why I did it?

No economic analysis.

No research (aside from the research I have already done up till this point)

I just got plain depressed listening to Joe Soucheray about how we're blowing away money on "art institute" projects and other worthless garbage "stimulus" projects that produced NOTHING of true genuine wealth to the tune of $1 trillion dollars.

What genuine VALUE was generated from this stimulus program?

The answer is NOTHING.

Roads that didn't need repairing, got "re-repaired."

Worthless minimalistic art created by some doped artist turned into a G.D. drinking fountain.

"Art institutes"/"community centers" that never generated a damn'sworth of production in their lives got stimulus money.

And lord knows what else the money has been spent on.

When this reality, that the stimulus money in a foolishly childish innocent like mentality was veritably THROWN away on a Keynesian "aggregate demand" curve ACTUALLY REACHES THE EARS OF (what I consider to be incredibly deaf) CHINESE DEBT HOLDERS, what do you think they will do with their dollar assets?






Maybe "Cindi" and her masters in "social work" will be able to solve these real world problems.


Econmom said...

I agree, but think that is far off. Who knows, perhaps we are headed the way of Weimar Germany. Near and intermediate term, though,the dollar will strengthen versus many currencies.

Econmom said...

I'll work on my timing. Anyways, it's Econmom. Not to be picky, but economom is a raging Liberal. I don't want anyone confusing our points of view. Thanks for the mention!

Anonymous said...

Here's something I'm confused about: In the linked post Econmom points out that the Fed can tighten the money supply as easily as it loosens it. Also, I've heard it said lots that the newly printed money is "on the books"...but not really "out there" yet. So, does this mean that inflationary worries are misplaced? Does it mean that, if inflation looks like a problem - no need for concern coz the Fed will just tighten up the money supply?

Is there a point of no return?