Sunday, November 29, 2009

Phil Jones' Worthless Life

Wow, can your life be any more meaningless????? Seriously, what do you tell girls at the bar?

"I fabricated data to show the globe has warmed .8 degrees Celsius in the past 157 years. That's my life's work???"

I'm being deadly serious, what kind of a worthless person is he? Compare him to Shackleton. Compare him to your everyday veteran. Compare him to your average dentist. Compare him to the hard working men and women who slave everyday to make a living. Hell, compare him to a teenage burger flipper. He's a freaking failure. A pathetic excuse for a man. Only massive government funds and a scam could give such a worthless individual the facade of having relevance.


Anonymous said...

nah man. He is gonn'a get Cap and Trade passed... further America's ruin. Now that's progress for a communist.

Anonymous said...

This guy has NEVER approached a set at the bar.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the world is full of turds like this guy that should be flushed away!