Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Century "College"

Good f#cking christ.

I do not normally like cursing, but seriously, sometimes there are no other words in the entire English language that suffice to convey your utter disgust and contempt for something. And this is one of those instances.

Friend sent this to me;

And I have three major questions.


2. How can "Century College" dare to require you to have a MASTERS DEGREE IN READING to teach their presumed idiotic students something so simple as to HOW TO READ?

3. Isn't it kind of pointless for you to be going to a FREAKING COLLEGE if you're NOT EVEN LITERATE?????

My god, what in ef's name is the educational system in America coming to? This should be posted all of the internet in foreign countries to mock and ridicule us into international SHAME.

"Look at American college students! They're so freaking stupid they don't even know how to read. And not only that, you can actually MAJOR in READING. And NOT ONLY THAT, YOU CAN GET A MASTERS DEGREE IN READING!!! No wonder their PISA scores are so low!"

Besides which, isn't reading or literacy an either "yes" or "no" kind of thing??? Like you either read or you don't? You're either literate or you're not? Since when did it become a "study" or a "field?"

All this is, is the educational establishment milking as much money out of anything they can and keeping their cartel-lock on education where they require you to have a MASTERS degree to teach something as elementary as reading.

Think about this in comparison. You an get the "Rosetta Stone" for what, $50? And that will teach you how to read and write in SEVERAL foreign languages. Heck you can teach yourself how to read with a dictionary and a thesaurus, BOTH ONLINE FOR FREE!

But no, according to Big Education (akin to Big Oil) we need a person to spend 6 years of their life studying "reading" so they can teach it to other students who are paying around $300 for a class on reading. When all is sad and done, the money spent on getting a masters degree and the money spent on the class, comes to what? On the cheap side at least $30,000?

Good lord, next thing is going to be a masters degree on breathing...which I think St. Thomas offers.

POST POST - As some of you have commented speculating that this is probably an ESL position. I ask you then again, "WHY ARE THESE PEOPLE IN COLLEGE IF THEY CAN'T READ ENGLISH??????" It only reiterates my point. Whether you're a native American (meant in the literal sense) or a foreigner, YOU STILL HAVE TO BLEEPING READ FREAKING ENGLISH TO GO TO AN EFFING COLLEGE!!!!


Anonymous said...

Please don't go postal one of these days. I will buy more mugs.

daniel_ream said...

I don't know how it is in your neck of the woods, but around here the local community colleges offer a lot of ESL and adult literacy courses on the side in addition to their diploma programs. If I saw this ad locally I would assume that they were looking for an instructor to teach literacy to adults as part of that program.

I wouldn't interpret that as a Master's degree in reading, either, but rather a Master's degree in teaching others to read, which is especially difficult with adults because their brains aren't as receptive to absorbing language skills as children's brains are. I'm not sure you actually need a Master's degree for it, but in Ontario at least it's a requirement at a lot of post-secondary institutions for any professor, no matter of what.

I think you may be overreacting a bit here, Cap, but sadly I'm also prepared not to be surprised if you're right. Maybe calling them up and asking them for a bit more detail?

Kai said...

Hey, up here in Kanuckistan, some lame ass mother has taken a university to a Human Rights Tribunal because they would not admit her Down's Syndrome son. She said he deserves a degree just like anyone else. Seems she forgot her son is seriously challenged, and would not be able to withstand the rigours of a University ed. Though, I guess the lad could get a master's in Reading from Century College.

Anonymous said...

Right on CAPT!!! ... but what's your problem with "big oil"?

Spartan said...

Wow -

I can only imagine the coursework available at lower institutes of learning.

Perhaps an associate's degree in doorknob and toilet operation, with a minor automobile operation.

We are raising a generation of people that believe that it is acceptible to be completely ignorant of anything/everything until you have received properly supplied training or education.

MTGirl said...

For some reason I am having deja-vu (however the hell it is spelled).

Is this a repeat of an earlier post? Are you just testing your loyal readers?

Also, you kind of have to admire the colleges for running a con that well. It takes some balls to require a written application for enrollment, then make them pay $300 for a reading class. You suppose they have a required class for map reading for out-of-state students?

reg said...

the thing i find most amazing about humanity , is that when you think of the dumbest,most ridiculous thing possible, somebody tops it.And every day is a new day.Just imagine what friday will bring.

Anonymous said...

This is at least a quadruple con. First, we spend lots of money in elementary school teaching people to read.

And children who can't read not only get out of elementary school, but actually graduate from high school.

How in the hell can our government schools get away with that abysmal performance??? That's FAIL #1.

FAIL #2 is that because the primary and secondary education system had failed miserably, colleges and universities have to teach basic reading, writing and arithmetic to the morons coming into their halls of higher learning.

FAIL #3 is that a college/university BA or BS degree for these students at best takes 5 to 6 years because they spend the first year and a half learning crap they should have learned in elementary and high school. Of course there's good money to be made by the college/university to provide that remedial education.

FAIL #4 - now a college education for many of these students takes more money, more loans - making is less likely for them to ever get their degree.

It's not just reading either. Many can't do simple arithmetic, much less basic algebra. Many can't write either.

If you ever want to get thoroughly disgusted with the educational system in this country, try teaching a first year class in anything at a junior or community college.

BTW, I'm pretty sure this is from the "Best of" bin of the Cap'n, but it still ticks me off.

Anonymous said...

Scientists and engineers try to make the universe idiot-proof. The Universe tries to make bigger and better idiots. The Universe is winning.

johnsal said...

Cap'n, I like your keyboard glitch "When all is sad and done..." A Freudian slip or deliberate tongue in cheek?

Benjamin Deneen said...

In their defense I believe it is for ESL. Search their site. Although it is more fun to think that they are just teaching the "average Joe" how to read.

Michael Ryan said...

I vote with Daniel. I'm thinking it's for a school teacher with an MA to teach adult literacy. Sad, I know, but there are a lot of functional illiterates out there. How did they get through school? I guess you don't live in an urban area with a 30 or 40% drop-out rate.

Jason said...

I don't know how it is in your neck of the woods, but here the local community colleges offer a lots of ESL and adult literacy courses in their full time & part time courses.