Monday, November 23, 2009

Good Lord

No, seriously, all male Cappy Capites need to read this. Not that I would necessarily agree with his crass tone, but if the law/courts are stacked this much against us, forget it. I'm out of the game.


Norman said...

I have a friend who had 5 kids with his ex. Our government has a fixed formula for child support, so his payments were so high he was sleeping in his car between work shifts. The guy had no hope of building a retirement fund. And the wife was completely inflexible. She wanted every damn penny. So guess what? He "went Galt" and quit working altogether. Met a woman, moved in, and helps her around the house and with her daycare.

Anonymous said...

Roissy is indeed often excessive in tone, but he's on the right side of this problem.

Milton Hayek said...

Celibacy is much cheaper.

Captain Capitalism said...

Boy, don't that sound like the life!

Nathan said...

Reminds me of this a while back. Also, in Canada we've developed a huge shortage of sperm donors because everybody is rightfuly afraid that someday they're gonna have a paternity suit filed by a stranger... and without any of the fun stuff!

Ryan Fuller said...

"Celibacy is much cheaper."

That or a visectomy. I'll stick with celibacy on the chance I am someday confronted with a woman so awesome I am swayed from my eternal bachelorhood.

A little self-control is good for you, anyway. :)

Anonymous said...

Cappy, it's actually worse than Roissy makes out.

Overcoming Bias: The Conspiracy Against Cuckolds

“There appears to be a consensus among medical professionals that husbands should not be told when they are not their wife’s child’s father.”

So you can’t trust DNA testing if the medical professional knows it’s testing for paternity.

“The most intriguing meme in this profession is that it is generally best to make important decisions on behalf of people because we must never allow them to make such hard decisions on their own if they might make the “wrong” decision, with “wrong” being “the decision a bioethicist would personally dislike”.”