Sunday, November 15, 2009

Speech Codes

I found a very interesting and helpful site by accident this morning and it is The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. They're basically a watchdog group over America's colleges and universities, checking primarily on the freedom of speech.

They rate universities by a "Green, Yellow, Red" lighting system as described below.

I was shocked by their report to see that the vast majority of colleges in the US are considered under the "red alert."

The report is VERY interesting to read and points out some interesting things such as differences between public and private universities, lists all the colleges by code rating, etc., but again, just showing you, you really don't have the freedom of speech in American college life.
Well you HAVE the freedom of speech, you'll just be disciplined or fired for speaking uncomfortable truths, thinking incorrectly and voicing opinions of the non-leftist philosophy.
You will comply.

You WILL conform.


Milton Hayek said...

You never heard of FIRE until now? Where ya been?

Anonymous said...

Came by way of Calculated Risk .. with stops along the way ...
Dude! Your site is a righteous riot! I think that I will buy your book! (But I want a free calendar.)