Friday, October 28, 2016

A Bit of Economic Advice? Do Your Christmas Shopping Now!!!

I am, first and foremost, an economist.  It means I'm efficient and economic.  You come here not just for my philosophical insights, but the economic ones wherein you may apply and benefit from them in your own personal lives.

So heed me here.
And heed me now.

Do you Christmas shopping NOW!!!!

Do not delay.
Do not wait.
Do not procrastinate till December when prices are jacked up and you have to fight commoner sheeple on Black Friday or Cyber Thursday and Horny Wednesday or whatever popcockery they come up with this year.

How can you do this?  Very simple.

Do ALL your Christmas shopping THIS WEEKEND online using Cappy's Amazon Affiliate.  That's it.  That's all there is too it.  Set aside one measly hour this weekend, compile your gift list, click this link, and be done with it before Thanksgiving!

You'll thank me.  You'll thank yourself.  You'll have no fret or worries.  Plus the Ole Captain makes a 7% commish on all your purposes AND YOU DON'T PAY A PENNY MORE!

So if you want to make the Ole Captain very happy
And you want to support this blog
And you want to help him pay off his mortgage before Christmas
And you want to make Christmas shopping very easy
AND you want to be done of this chore in the most ECONOMIC manner possible


Cappy humbly thanks you.


PS-Yes you have to click the link and not go directly to because that way they know I sent you.  USE THE LINK!!!!


Bloody Fissures said...

I will do my Christmas shopping after Christmas. I plan to buy myself a new surround sound system. It's going to be a good Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Or you could track these down ... a house isn't a home without a pair:

You know you want to ...

Phil B

Anonymous said...

Why aren't you an engineer ?

I am more efficient than you. I will NOT shop at christmas. Save 100%

Anonymous said...

I plan to buy myself nothing and just count my money.