Friday, October 28, 2016

Mandatory...Emphasis on "Man"

Listen to me boys (and any women who are looking for something to buy their man)...

nose hair trimmers.

You think I joke, but I am deadly serious and any man over 35 will tell you nose hair trimmers are worth their weight in gold.

Go buy one now.  You will thank me for it later.

This has been a PSA from Your Elder Brother Cappy


Anonymous said...

true true, however I'd suggest a "multi-attachment" groomer kit ... I just bought a Wahl micro groomsman, after using an item similar to the one you link to, huge upgrade in this regard ... all tip pieces are fragile so remove after use and store safely where they can't get crushed

Post Alley Crackpot said...

And you'll thank me for suggesting this one instead.

They've been making this one for over thirty years.

Mine's still working after over twenty-five years.

All it needs is regular cleaning and an AA battery.

There are no accessories to lose or to misplace.

It will not break when you throw it into a gear bag in a hurry.

It's small enough that you won't leave it out of your gear bag for lack of space.

Yes, this one costs more, and it's worth it.

[... BTW, I did my best to glue in all of your Amazon affiliate stuff, but you may want to check the link anyway ...]

BlogDog said...

Real men use pliers!

tkdkerry said...

Pliers, my rear end. Real men use a blow torch.

minuteman said...

A good barber trims your nose hairs when you get your hair cut (and eyebrows and ear hairs - the hazards of getting old).

Scott Alfter said...

> A good barber trims your nose hairs when you get your hair cut...

Can't say I've ever had anyone else trim my nose hairs, but they've touched up my eyebrows from time to time. Now that I'm shaving my head twice a week, though, I'm no longer in need of regular haircuts...and I've not figured out yet what to do with the eyebrows. They've not gotten too out of control yet, but I'm guessing I'll have to do something with them at some point.

Anonymous said...

Real men pull their hair with their fingers.