Monday, October 31, 2016

Kristine Solomon of Yahoo News, Beauty and Style Writer

Remember how in the Ole Captain's podcast I say "The news is not the news.  It's what the news is about that's the news."

Well we have just such an example here.

The news is NOT that some douche in Arkansas dressed in black face as Bill Cosby.  It's the fact that Yahoo's shareholders paid one Kristine Solomon to waste their money and their readers' time with this story.


Kristine might as well go to Fort Wayne, Indiana and report on a guy who was seen wearing a blue shirt.

Of course, this is CRYSTAL clear proof that the media, and ESPECIALLY "Yahoo News" has a narrative and agenda.  If they are so desperate that they're going to write an "article" everytime one of America's 310 million people do something stupid, then they better go and hire a lot more Kristine's.  But, this instance of idiocy was racist so we must marshal the media's resources to highlight it and bring it to everybody's attention to remind the country how racist it is (even though we're all largely saying, "he's a douche, so what?")

The real question is who is Kristine Solomon.

Well her profile is what you'd expect.

She has a worthless degree from a worthless college.  She's worked in media her entire career, and now she is at Yahoo (Cough cough WHEEZE WHEEZE) "news."  She also works at the Huffington Post, though (I'm running out of air quotes here) "works" is debatable because the Huffington Post is availing themselves of the millions of desperate and worthless journalism majors flooding the market and often times not paying them.

Here's what the real news story is.

Online media, in combination with a bunch of brainwashed college graduates from both Gen X and the Millennials, are posing as the magnanimous and noble fourth branch of government.  None of these (predominantly girls) wanted to work real jobs or major in real subjects, PLUS they had the added ego of "having to change the world."   So instead of doing genuine journalism like investigations, research, or something that might actually be of benefit to society, they've glommed onto editorials and opinion pieces that simply regurgitate politically correct political positions.  This not only masturbates their egos so they think they're "saving the world" in their crusaderist minds, but it does so without them having to do any real work.  Ergo, the real news story is that these people aren't reporting the news.  They're posers and hobbyists distorting the news all so they can have cushy, work-avoidant jobs and make believe they're "journalists."  And that's why we have an article of "Man Buys Truck in Omaha, More at 11" type stories.

Naturally, most of you know "Yahoo News" and the "Huffington Post" are not legitimate media companies nor sources for news.  They are propagandist entities or at best People-like gossip machines that dispense girls' fix for dopamine when told they're the victim or crusaders or "good obedient liberals."

It's just when it's so blatantly obvious with Ms. Solomon-type pieces I deem it necessary to point it out to the adults of the world.

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juvenal said...

Probably the worst generation to be born into. Just a couple of years before my actual birth date, and I would have been home free.