Sunday, October 16, 2016

Hard Work Beats Talent

A very important point...especially to all you high IQ millennials lying around telling us how you're going to solve the world's problems with your 18 year old pontificating "ideas."


leeholsen said...

absolutely true. I work with a guy much smarter than me on a measurable scale but I routinely raeolve problems he does not because he quits if he cant figure it out easily, but that is no big deal; most people are quitters; few routinely do more than they have to or face serious consequences.

best indicator is a person's physical shape imo. if someone is serious need of a salad they probably do not get much done

grey enlightenment said...

hmmm but no one ever said grit is not important..rather, talent determines how much mileage you get for your grit

Anonymous said...

I remember reading an interview with a Navy SEAL instructor years ago... when asked what was "the thing" that portends success - "It's not the strongest guy, not the fastest guy, nor is it the smartest guy... it's the motherfucker who just won't quit; that's the guy we want..."