Friday, October 07, 2016

Never Work for Vagina, Inc.

Remember gentlemen, let women have Corporate America.

They deserve it.


Anonymous said...

While I understand the urge to "pick up your marbles and go home," rather than playing what you perceive as an unfair game, you recommend that men cede all power, corporate and governmental, to women. Let's assume that you get your wish and, in the future, all powerful governmental officials are women and all corporations are run by women. What then?
"It would all collapse because of the lack of male participation," you claim. Maybe, maybe not. Not all males are going to participate in your strike. If women are as evil as you say they are (a point I don't actually believe but will concede for the sake of argument), ardent feminists, finding themselves with the levers of power, are going to find a way to make your life miserable. "They can't," you say, "because I am not participating in the economy." But you're still buying gasoline from big corporations, using electricity made by utilities, buying food produced by corporations and regulated by the government, driving on roads, using banks, computers and the internet. More fundamentally, you're still interacting with other human beings and, those interactions are going to be subject to governmental regulation. If nothing else, someday you're going to wind up in a hospital or nursing home (run by evil women).
There is no effective way to perform an "Atlas Shrugged" maneuver because Galt's Gulch doesn't actually exist. It was fictional (at least until you develop Galt's source of free electricity and a cloaking device). Furthermore, if you believe there are problems with society, fight them. Men don't surrender, they fight.

minuteman said...

Yahoo who? Weren't they big on the internet in the olden days? I wouldn't worry about getting fired from a job there, It'll just give you a head start on all the other people who will loose there jobs there soon enough.

Anonymous said...

Googling this woman's name reads like an obituary for Lehman Brothers.

"In March 2016 Fortune Magazine would name Mayer as one of the world's most disappointing leaders."

"Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Earned $42 Million Last Year - ValueWalk, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is one of the highest paid women in Silicon Valley, but she could have earned even more if revenue targets were met."

It will cost $110 million to remove her from Yahoo - I question the basic intelligence of your typical shareholder who approves this level of insanity right from the start.

She even concealed her pregnancy from Yahoo till the day she started work, thus Yahoo would have to pay for it as well.

According to Wikipedia: "To simplify the bureaucratic process and make the culture the best version of itself, Mayer launched a new online program. It collects employee complaints, as well as their votes on problems in the office" - I wonder if those complaints also includes those of male employees.

How do you make the culture the best version of itself? - make it women only.

leeholsen said...

We have a muslim in our department, so of course he's a worthless employee and causes all sorts of personal problems and disrespects anyone who disagrees with him(because muslims believe we are all inferior).

anyways, he and my supervisor is the same person, and it's a woman. so, this week, we had a meeting with me, her and the dept head, who is a man; to meet to figure out how to get this useless muslim to do a job I need him to do and me and the dept head are both on the same page that we'll just sit on him and he will do it because it's his job and then my "supervisor" goes into this tirade about how much stress it is causing her and how she can't sleep.

I wanted so badly to turn to the dept head and say to give her a break, she's a woman.

Anonymous said...

'Anonymous' with the boilerplate "Stand and Fight" battlecry. You haven't figured out yet that your silly, Conan alter-ego is what keeps being manipulated, over and over again.

"I will stand and fight! (And pay taxes to fund Leftism. And hand over 100-120 hours a month of my free-time to pay for leftist inanity).

So fight on, dumbass! Go out and swing a broadsword on your porch, I guess. You only get one vote, dummy. Now get back to your overworked life, dummy.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 11:56, there is no way you can fight, even if many more men become red pill because women have the vote. As soon as women got the vote the "feelz" vote took over all decision making processes and the gradual rot of western civilization begun. Inertia is the only thing keeping the system going at the moment.

The only way to stop the decline is to ban women from voting and that ain't ever going to happen, so its game over I'm afraid.