Monday, October 10, 2016

The Economics of Overpopulation

Armchair quarterbacks and overpopulation theoreticians/conspiracy theorists can file your complaints in the comments section below:


joetentpeg said...


Human ingenuity. The one factor Malthus ignored. An unlimited resource.

There will always be a 'Norman Borlaug' in the wings inventing the next phone, computer, internet.

Or a way to feed a billion people.

Alex Bogatiryov said... Here is the video about the mice study Cappy referenced that I saw in Middle School

Tucanae Services said...

An issue you touched on lightly but is probably wrong. In agricultural/subsistence societies children are considered a net good as they represent 'free' labor that can do X. It is only when a society requires schooling, training, support services that a child becomes a burden that there is a reduction in birth rates. At that juncture children are a net burden to the family hence less are produced.

JS said...

Overpopulation ain't gonna happen. The BS artists have been saying overpopulation is going to happen since the 60's. Then these same BS artist were saying global cooling in the 70's which morphed into global warming in the late 80's and 90's. Now the same BS artists call it climate change and we must be "sustainable". All this hysterics is Whale Excrement, the lowest form of excrement on earth. Unfortunately, this BS will never die.

I need to enjoy my decline more, especially if that piece of whale excrement of a scrunt "woman" is elected. Our "overpopulation problems" will be solved by her with a few wars both here and abroad.

Un Americano said...

Mouse Utopia Experiment:

Anonymous said...

We've been feeding those low IQ Africans for a long time now. How does that help the world? Most of the improvements in agricultural have been from those evil White European males who at least make the effort to figure out some things. Indians and Chinese have done some work as well over the years.

Without potable water, excess production, and medicine those third world countries would be even worse off. But they maybe in the future when the great die off occurs.

D. Dugger said...

Suggest the perpetual growth crowd read TechnoFix and then take basic course in critical resource depletion and dilution energetics.

No amount of imagination is going to create elemental critical resources and or the energy necessary to process them - if we run out of the easier energy (fossil) before we have a near "free" energy source scalable to planetary energy demand.

Then there is that nasty problem with 95% of human food production being dependent on the interdependent petroleum/petrochemical and rock phosphate economics.

The human imagination it turns out is far more comparatively limited - than its capacity for ignorance and stupidity - and or the general lack of a finite time to learn the necessaries.

John said...

Overpopulation ain't gonna happen? What planet do you live on? We were overpopulated in the 60's. Now we are overpopulated to the point of planetary environmental collapse. Global warming is a farce but to put it in the same category with a mathematical certainty is ridiculous.