Monday, October 10, 2016

The Knoxville Swing Dancing Association: How SJW's Took Over Ballroom Dance

Ballroom dancing has not only served as a key passion and source of income in my life, but is a skill I recommend every young man learn.  Not only is it good exercise, fun, and an excellent way to practice discipline, but it is an invaluable skill in order to attract women.  So when I pulled into Knoxville, Tennessee on my latest motorcycling adventure, I decided to check in to see if there was any local dancing, and sure enough there was.

The Knoxville Swing Dance Association.

Usually every major metro area in the US has some sort of group or association that lists all the various ballroom dancing activities going on in the area.  Dances, lessons, competitions, etc., and I thankfully had found Knoxville's swing dancing chapter.  But before I could get excited enough to pull out and iron my crumpled dress shirt from my saddle bags, something caught my eye:

Their "Code of Conduct."

I had never seen a "code of conduct" before listed on any swing, salsa, or tango site.  Usually it was just a calendar, some photos, and some links to some social media.  But when I read through their "code of conduct" I put away my crumpled shirt and looked for other plans because it was plainly obvious the Knoxville swing dance scene had been infected with people who were not first and foremost swing dancers, but social justice warriors.

This is a development that I should have seen coming, as I was already familiar with the boom and bust cycle of ballroom dance scenes.  This cycle consists of:

1.  A new and unique scene truly independent minded individuals explore and pioneer, which

2.  Attracts popular kids, SPECIFICALLY attractive women, to the scene as their primary goal in life is to be popular/scene/be validated.

3.  Which in turn attracts men whose numbers (and money) now make the scene "hot."

4.  Rumor spreads to commoners, regulars, and the not so pretty people, and soon you have a fad on your hands.

5.  Rumor further spreads and because of the nature of ballroom dance, nerds, rejects, creepers, feelers, stalkers, green-card seekers, Single Christian Men, basement dwellers, and other less-than-Cary-Grantish-men flood the scene because it's a (presumably) easy way to meet women.

6.  These not-so-hot, awkward, creepy, and otherwise, less-desirable men drive away the hot women.

7.  Without the hot women, the fuel which fed the fad dies.

8.  The hot/cool/rich/normal men leave

9.  Leaving MOST ballroom dance scenes at their pre-fad levels as refuges for nerds, dweebs, 50 something divorcees, and other forms of social outcasts.

It is at this point nobody pays attention to the formerly hot ballroom scene because why would you?  There's nothing in it for anybody and it's not until the scene goes ghost and is discovered decades later by those pioneering individualists again does the cycle repeat itself.  The cycle is complete.  There is no new stage to be added.

Except now.

And the reason I say "except now" is because unlike history past we have the millennial generation.  And the millennial generation is the first generation to be fully brainwashed into thinking they can't just

"Be a lawyer"
"Be a doctor"
"Run a company"
"Be a housewife."

No, they have been fully convinced they they need to

"Be a lawyer" +advocate a social crusade
"Be a doctor" +have a political cause
"Run a Company" +champion Corporate Social Responsibility
"Be a housewife" +volunteer for a cause

They simply can't have a profession and that in it of itself is enough to be of service to society.  No, they need the ego fix to right some non-existent, fabricated, perceived wrong.  They need to go beyond what their career, job, or education is.  They need to be heroes, even if they have to make up a problem out of whole cloth, ruining everything good in the process.

And the Knoxville Swing Dance Association has become precisely that.

Why, precisely, is there a disclaimer about "race, gender identities, political opinions, and life choices?"  What does ANY of that have to do with swing dancing?  Not once in my now 20 years of dancing have I ever struck up a conversation on the dance floor about gender, politics, and a person's opinion about abortion.

Additionally, while I'm fully and ACUTELY aware of "creepers," "stalkers," and "feelers" that plague every dance community, these were largely handled naturally and in house.  We didn't need to resort to nominating Gestapo Agents "Community Ambassadors" to wear a swastika rainbow band to go running to the SS the police.

Finally, who died and made these self-ordained shitlords King of the Knoxville swing dance community?  I'm aware that events hosted and paid for by the Knoxville Swing Dance Association are under their domain.  They can organize an entire SS division and to manage their club however they see fit.  But if the first hit you get when searching "Knoxville swing dance" is their site, I wonder if their politics doesn't deter people who just want to....ummmm...swing dance and not suffer a political sermon.

If you operate from the erroneous premise that this club is about swing dancing, then their insistence on bringing politics into dancing is confusing.  But if you realize swing dancing is merely a ruse, and they use it to put their egos first, running their little imaginary fiefdoms, then it makes complete sense.  Sadly, it is dancing that suffers.

The problem ballroom dancing's SJW infestation presents to normal people who just want to dance (or learn) is two-fold.

One, the politics will drive any normal people away.  Not because they're creepers or stalkers, or are necessarily afraid of creepers or stalkers, but who wants to be hawked over by dancing Nazi's or be subjected to a political sermon?  I know leftist millennials in charge of this are brainwashed to make politics a mandatory component of everything they do, but normal people (of all generations) don't want politics in EVERYTHING they do.  Alas one of the greatest passions a person can have is corrupted.

Two, when the anti-male spin on this Stasi "code of conduct" policy is combined with:

the increasing trend of false rape accusations among the millennial girls


the loosening standards as to what constitutes sexual harassment


the outright threat to involve law enforcement (though I've NEVER seen ANY dance scene come to that!)

it not only puts men in a very grey area, it's enough to send most running for the hills!  And the reason is very simple -

No matter WHAT people say, no matter what dancers claim, men learn ballroom dancing to meet, date, get with, court, kiss, hug, fuck, marry (or any combination thereof) women.

Men can act all platonic, holier-than-thou, and eunuch-y they want.  In then end ballroom dancing has been, currently is, and always will be primarily a means to meet the opposite sex.  But if you're going to lay land mines around for men, making an already challenging challenge more challenging, don't be surprised if men with options don't show up and there's a dearth of leads.

Alas, I believe the introduction of social justice warriors to ballroom dancing will not only break the ballroom dance scene life cycle, but permanently leave it at where it stands today (I'll leave it to my readers to see what I spy with my little eye).  The swing dance scene will never recoup its former 1990's greatness.  The salsa scene will never see again it's '00's sizzle.  Like a supernova being the last stage of a star's life cycle, the social justice warriors swarming around the jettisoned carcass of a once-vibrant ballroom dance scene is its last and PERMANENT stage in life.

Ergo, I suggest no man look for love, romance, sex, or courtship in today's dance scene (unless it's COMPLETELY void of any politics and social justice warrioring).  Instead, I strongly recommend you use it to learn how to dance in anticipation of meeting a non-leftst, non-SJW marriage-material woman outside the dance scene who will actually deserve your dancing skills and talents....but if your skills happen to get you laid at a wedding where you're the only ballroom be it.
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liberranter said...

Will somebody put a bounty on these people already?!

Anonymous said...

Why not put up a sign like this before the list of rules?

"You must be THIS stupid to enter this ballroom."

elmer said...

The gals who are not getting a lot of requests for a dance are the only ones who would have time and inclination to be dance nazis. A form of official cock-blocking.

I sure had a lot of good times during my dance sensation days though and second your recommendation for fellas to learn dance as a way to meet great women.

Post Alley Crackpot said...

Look, I don't want to be some A + B = C thing ...

Can't I just be a fuckin' asshole?

Not "asshole plus credentials with cream cheese filling", just a fuckin' asshole.

I want to be the guy who wears a "Clown Lives Matter" T-shirt at a Fraternal Order of Police fundraiser.

I want to be the guy who wears an "SD -3.0 Lives Matter" T-shirt at a Mensa meeting.

I want to be the guy who wears an "I Am A Nuclear Sovereign State of One" T-shirt at a Bilderberg Group meeting, completed with a button that says, "My Fully Armed Missiles are Hardened and Ready".

I don't have some bigger point, some crusade to win, some cross to bear ...

I just like fuckin' with people who are in need, and sometimes there's nothing better than being a fuckin' asshole.

Triggering some SJWs is just good clean old-fashioned fun.

"Bet if you grind those teeth hard enough, hipster boy, your balls will drop!"

"Hey hipster bitch, hipster boy's hot for you and besides, he's got bigger tits than you!"

So what if I'm a fuckin' asshole ... what are they going to do, sue me?


Anonymous said...

OK, I'll bite...what did your little eye spy?

Take The Red Pill said...

Forget ballroom dancing; learn something useful -- like firearms training, as well as aikido and tae kwon do. They can always take away the guns, but they can't take away your self-defense skills.

Anonymous said...

Guess which venue is better ?
In twenty years, yes cops have been involved (didn't know she was married) but no one ever made an issue that I ignore the SJW types... Drop in one Saturday night, next time you're in LA.

Anonymous said...

I looked through the gallery that was hyperlinked. I took swing dance lessons in college in the late 90s and I agree that something looks a little "off" with a lot of these people in these pictures, compared to the good old days....

Tal Hartsfeld said...

SJWs ...
another bunch of "modern-day Pharisees".
These "Pharisee" types always have too much power and control over whatever social climate they inhabit.

minuteman said...

Following the rules that they lay out used to just be what gentlemen, or ladies did. We didn't need to be told. And the way to deal with people who did not behave like ladies and gentlemen was to shun them. Simple. Everyone knew what polite society rules were, and everyone knew how to treat people who broke them. No dance Nazis required.

minuteman said...

Red Pill - nothing is stopping you from doing both.

LBD said...

Wow! You're a good dancer, too? I would never have guessed that in a million years. Is there no end to your alpha qualities?

Bike Bubba said...

I am reminded of when my sainted mother pulled me out on the dance floor--a place I'd not been in years--so she wouldn't have to dance with the creepy "Single Christian Man" who'd been ushering at the church I grew up at for decades. I did OK, thankfully, but it does illustrate how the dance floor often does self police.

I think the next stop for this (university sponsored) dance club is mandatory dancing with wallflowers. :^)

wheels said...

What I noticed in the photos is that nobody is really nicely dressed. I noticed a couple of guys with bowties, and one guy with a regular tie who didn't look particularly dapper. I didn't see any woman who was "dressed to kill."

Most people in the ballroom classes I attend dress more nicely than that. Then again, we're (almost) all much older. We dress even more nicely for the local dances.

I agree that such codes and enforcers shouldn't be necessary. In my experience, the women keep each other informed of things like, " is a wonderful dancer, but he's grabby," and, " is a sweet old man, but don't expect him to lead you."

Anonymous said...

I hate to be that guy. But, a dues paying club member who is only there to dance should not have to worry about being called fat or stupid or whatever.

I get what you are saying but there is a difference between a SJW and not being an ass.

Anonymous said...

Don't see the issue, Cap....

It just says just to be courteous then lists a bunch of possible examples of what someone could be disrespectful about. It does not say you have to kneel to the altar of SJWism or toe a certain line or GTFO.

Sad thing though,is the group must have had issues with a real jerk at some time to have to appoint representatives... When I did ballroom, I never saw any real jerks. Some stuck up people, but nothing really serious.

But, even when I was there, if someone WAS rarely a jerk (male or female), they were blackballed pretty quick.

The "rainbow" bands do sound kind of ridiculous, though.

JamesD said...

No hot chicks

Anonymous said...

The swing dance community globally has started introducing codes of conduct and nominated helpers because of a number of incidents where high-profile teachers raped and sexually assaulted women over a period of years. The teachers got away with this because the women felt no-one would believe them if they complained.

I think it's a good thing. People still meet others of their complementary gender and consenually do whatever they want, but if anything non-consensual happens people know there's a place they can go for support where the offender can be reported to the police, banned, reported to other groups, whatever is appropriate.

The policies recognise that there are power and social imbalances and level the playing field in favour of safety. They don't prevent anything that's jointly ok.