Thursday, October 06, 2016

When Feminism Jumped the Shark

Why does Laura Parson have a job?  Seriously.  If this is what she is paid for, by North Dakotan (and likely) federal tax dollars, why does she have a job?


One Fat Oz Guy said...

They're attempting to blur the line between science and feminism so that feminist thought becomes scientific fact.
Bit like how Psychology in Australia counts as both an Arts and Science major, depending on what you need from it: for Arts students forced to do a science subject, it's a Science, for engineering students who need to do an Arts subject, it's an Art.
For the engineering students it's also a way to meet women, however indoctrinated into feminism they may be.

Anonymous said...

Isn´t that a scam? She just openly admitted that women do suck at STEM as it is. Weren´t the feminists supposed to struggle to say that wasn´t true?

Anonymous said...

now you know why: