Wednesday, October 12, 2016

SJW's Continue Their Destruction of Ballroom Dance

I would take this apart piece by piece but the fact this video had to be made AND the video says "Sometimes you have to hold hands while dancing because, well, that's part of dance" just made me realize merely viewing it in all of its aspy, SJW, awe will be enough to scare any normal people away from ballroom dance.

Again, for those men and women looking to learn ballroom dance, by all means LEARN.  But most dance scenes have become mere nerdy, fractions of their formerly great selves.


Normal Guy said...

Actually, most of what he explained is pretty tamed and quite good for those who are not overly confident. Only part I would disagree with is the 'just because you got consent, doesn't mean you can do anything you want'... well duh, but obviously the intent is to have to clarify every single little dance move you want to do before you do it, thus destroying any spontaneous happenings or fun.

Glen Filthie said...

Ugh. No thanks!

Stick a fork in it - it's done.

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely cringe inducing.
If you are attending a dance, you obviously are there to dance. If not, say no thank you to offers, or go home.
If you don't want to dance with someone, say no politely.
If someone says no to you three times during the event, there is no other attempt.
Dance at the level of your partner. Start with simple moves and slowly move up until you reach their competence level.

They are completely nit-picking everything.

As for the write of the article, well his picture speaks a thousand words...

Bike Bubba said...

What strikes me is that they've cast away the traditional attire of social dance--suit and goodyear welt/leather sole shoes for the men, skirt or dress with good shoes for the ladies--and now they're surprised that people have also cast aside the traditional rules of behavior at a dance. And it's not that complicated--dress for the occasion, signal your desire to dance with a lady, respect her response, and know that her decision to dance means one dances.

But to patch things up when you've cast the basics aside, you've got to get a ton more rules now, don't you?

dienw said...

Consent is given when one signs up for the course; otherwise, someone will not be able to participate.

Jeff Wood said...

I too advise readers to learn to dance, and to join the disciplines where it is a full-body-contact sport: International Ballroom and/or Latin, or Tango Argentino, Mazurka and Polka. I also recommend Lindy Hop, for its Me and my Gal feel.

I could add that in all these disciplines, He leads, She follows, all quite natural.

Aaron, I think I may have seen what you spied with your little eye in the Knoxville photos. Almost all the company are young (Millennial?) types who have been programmed for years to swallow those stupid rules without question. Blue-pilled to a man, or woman, or transgender or whatever.

I could be mistaken. I am a Brit, and used to dance functions where the dancers range in age from child to ancient (like me).

One Fat Oz Guy said...

You wouldn't want to be accused of dancing without consent!
The girls will just have to dance without men. Problem solved.

Anonymous said...

Does not need a 30 minute video...

Either someone wants to dance or they do not. They may not want to dance with YOU, but that is okay. Who wants to spend 3 minutes in close quarters with someone stuck up anyways? There are others unless there big deal breakers like being at the wrong place, body odor, or being shunned for doing something stupid at play.

As far as hand positioning, most of that is common sense. Ballroom is not rubbing your penis on drunk girls ass like in these garbage techno clubs, nor grabbing penis or boobs. But, there IS touching involved... that's the point. It's great, too. It teaches men to be over anxiety of touching a woman and not all touches are sexual. As far as "hand holding" or "touching", most places force you to do X number of private lessons where an instructor would tell you where to place hands. I am sure only the most aspie creep would mess this up and the instructor would let that person know pretty quick, if not boot them out of the studio.

Now, that said, I was one of those dweebs that took this in my 40s. I had a factory job that paid okay but had horrible luck with women. Ballroom demystified approach. It was a place - one of the few I know of where you are EXPECTED to go up to women and ask them. Even the women were asking. The studio I went to, the instructors also patrolled the floor, knowing a lot of the newer members may have approach anxiety would not let you be a wallflower and ask YOU to dance if they saw you sitting too long nursing a drink.

Ballroom dancing made me more confident, my dating life improved significantly, I had dates (not in just in the dance scene - I only dated one who went to another studio) and now I am with someone who matches my intelligence and hobbies for the last two years. Even if this lady left me, I could find others pretty easy. All due to lessons learned in the studio.