Monday, October 17, 2016

And In Amy Schumer News

Ahhhh....warm fuzzies.


leeholsen said...

amy is apparently related to senator schumer, I did not know this until recently.

she is the most vulgar female comedian I have ever heard, bit now knowing she is related to chuck; it all makes sense; that's just part of being in the schumer family.

Joe Bar said...

Please tell me that everyone has finally had enough of her BS.

One Fat Oz Guy said...

That's why the three no's to talk about are Religion, Politics and Money.
I was completely put off a comedian I liked who was interviewing Mel Brooks when he started joking with him about money.
He was a comedian who was trying to make having heaps of money was funny when his target audience was 18-30 year olds with not a lot.
Mel Brooks had the good taste to change the topic, when he could get a word in.

Joe Bar said...

This made my day: