Sunday, October 30, 2016

Why Hillary Will Still Win, Inspite of the FBI

Enjoy the decline!


Glen Filthie said...

You a betting man, Cap? I'll put $10.00 on Trump to win.

Here's the problem with your thinking: the vaj voters are a shrinking demographic. Tons of 'em have sons, husbands and fathers who have been fucked over by feminism and affirmative action. The gibmedats? We used to have lots of money and pissing it away wasn't a big deal. In today's tough economy we can no longer afford them... and The Cunt has made it plain she wants to bring in more.

And then there's guys like you. Used to be guys like you (and I) kept quiet around liberals because we didn't want to offend them and we wanted to be polite. Couple weeks ago I told my liberal mother to keep her clot headed politics to herself when she started out gassing about Trump. You are on YouTube publicly telling these shrews to go fuck themselves with a chainsaw. The political climate is getting murderous out there.

There's still a lot of good people around. We might have to kill a few bad ones - but Americans don't have problems with that at all. It's one of the reasons I love them.

Good luck with your election guys!

Dan said...

The DNC will win because the machines were programmed for that outcome MONTHS AGO.

THAT is the cold hard reality. Power, privilege and wealth are FAR too important to the left for electoral outcomes to be left to chance. Thus they push since 2000
to move away from paper ballots which are bulky and require a lot of accomplices if you wish to cheat to computers which require very few key people to hack and compromise....people who can conveniently have an 'accident' once they are no longer needed. 17 states use machines by Smartronic...a company headed by an employee of George Soros. 22 other states use a machine from a company that is a
major donator to the DNC and the Clinton campaign. Anyone who believes the result of this election will be honest is an abject moron.

Bob Smith said...

There is a 4th kind of voter: those who want the power to impose their vision on others. The ones who agree with the EPA's jackbooted tactics and want them to expand, and they believe Clinton will enable them.

Hrw-500 said...

Let's see if we'll go into what Tom Kratman described in his dystopian novel "A State of disobedience".

Unknown said...

Plan on pulling out my 401(k) the day after Clinton ateals the election. Now, where to put it.

Anonymous said...

As a "gimme that" I vote Trump, because I know his military spending plan will be good for my investment.

That's "gimme that" too.