Friday, October 14, 2016

The Case for Mike Rowe for President

It is no secret that I hold Mike Rowe in very high regard.  The man is an entrepreneur, an Eagle Scout, worked and still works a real job, and for what amount he's delved into politics, it has been (truthfully) addressing one of the largest problems facing the US - the education bubble.  So when you compare him to the two "best" schlepps the democrats and republicans managed to scrape from the baby boomer barrel this time around for a presidential election, there's just no competition.  Mike Rowe would make an infinitely better president than Clinton or Trump.

But before we get our hopes up of a charming, honest Mike Rowe announcing his presidential bid, there's just one minor problem.  And the problem is not Mike Rowe himself, but Americans.  Americans, frankly, don't deserve Mike Rowe.

As it stands right now, Trump and Clinton are so hated, even within their own parties, I contend any normal, honest person could walk right in and win the election.  With financial support form the Peter Thiels of the world, not to mention a GoFundMe account I'm sure would raise millions overnight, Mike Rowe could just walk in in the 11th hour with a clever marketing strategy and steal the election with a write in campaign.  But, ironically, that's the easy part.  It would be getting Mike Rowe to decide to run that's the hard part.

Think about what Mike Rowe or any normal person would have to give up.  Since he is normal that means he likely has a healthy family, normal life, and a job he enjoys.  He has his hobbies, interests, and friends.  His entire value and happiness is contingent on that life and all of that would go away over night if he decided to run for president.

Instead of working on another documentary like "How Booze Built America" he'd have to deal with the asswipes in congress trying to force some unwanted toxic piece of omnibus legislation into a term limits bill.

Instead of spending time with his dad, he'd have to deal with accusations of racism, sexism, bigotry, ageism, and whatever other "isms" Americans can create as he cuts social spending and tries to balance the budget.

The media would find, if not outright create, skeletons in his closet, ruining his life at home.

Not to mention his prominence would bring out 20 year old (likely false) accusations of rape or sexual assault a la Bill Cosby, Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, etc., running the risk of legal troubles.

And all for a paycheck that is likely not too much more than what he can muster working in film. 

The truth is only people who have nothing else in their lives can endure this baptism by fire because "getting elected into office" is the only thing in life they have.  Clinton (both Bill and Hillary) epitomize this with a broken family, a miserable home life, murder and rape accusations, and a machiavellian relationship that is designed for political advancement and not love.  I don't care how many millions they make in speeches, they'll never come close to what Mike Rowe and normal people have.  And that's just not worth risking on a presidential bid.

Ultimately it is the American public and a "fanning-the-flames" media who are to blame for the outright pathetic presidential candidates we have today.  In becoming an entitled and spoiled population, the American public get vehement if any politician dares to hold them up to adult standards of self-supportation and independence.  In separating the country by race and gender, any attempt to treat people as genuine equals and hold them up to equal standards begets accusations of racism, sexism, and any other form of "ism" professional victim whores can come up with.  And the media, with its abandonment of genuine journalism and its duty as the 4th branch of government, would prefer to get clicks and make money by shelling out yellow, if not outright, brown journalism, even if it ruins would-be honest politicians' personal lives (not to mention, the future of the country).

Joseph Maistre said it best when he said, "You get the government you deserve."

And Americans don't deserve Mike Rowe.


Anonymous said...

Since you can't vote for the man himself, vote for his dog!

Lab Guy said...

There was Ron Paul in '08 and '12, but Amerika does not deserve him either. Hell, he was one of the only person in Congress as a medical doctor you could have your wife undress in front of not get raped or assaulted.

I'll be voting Trump, but I don't have high expectations.

Post Alley Crackpot said...

Think of this as "government by the least damaged of the most damaged of people".

Anyone who would be a good fit for the job should by all accounts never be allowed to have it because the job would ruin the person's life.

Anyone who would want the job should by all accounts never be allowed to have it because the person isn't fit for the job.

America didn't deserve Adlai Stevenson as President either, so do keep in mind that you have to be a particularly noxious politician to appeal to American voters.

duck said...

Considering the current situation, Trump is a great candidate. He wants to close the borders, and he has the courage to do it. If Hilary gets in and amnesty passes, republicans will never win again.

I know there are other issues but if Trump can fix illegal immigration once and for all, that would really help!

David Jravis said...

I've thought along those similar lines for some time.

It's the great irony of the age. The ones who SHOULD run for president, don't, because they know that what they have to gain is less than what they have to lose. That, and they just want to live their lives in peace.

That leaves the ones that should NOT be running, DO run, since they have more to gain by doing so. These types enjoy the idea of running people's lives.

It can be argued that Trump is a bit of an anomaly. I'm convinced that he started his campaign as a lark, with no serious intention of winning. The problem was, he became more popular than even he expected.

Trump has nothing to lose should he be defeated. In fact, he has everything to gain. The problem is, he can't simply drop out now, as they would be seen as a betrayal of trust by his die-hard supporters. It would tarnish the Trump name forever, and make no mistake, this is all about promoting the Trump name.

But, if he was to legitimately LOSE to Clinton, his reputation (by his supporters) would not only remain intact, but would be enhanced by their unreasonably high expectations.

In short, the best outcome for Trump isn't to be the greatest president that ever was... it's to be the greatest that NEVER was. Imagine the boost to the Trump name when all of his great expectations never have to actually be lived up to, as opposed to actually winning the office and risk failing them, thus, again, risk tarnishing the Trump name.

It would certainly explain why he says the outrageous things he does, almost as if he WANTS to lose.

Sorry for the length. I meant to just leave a comment, but wound up writing a column.

Peregrine John said...

Someone who knows me well gave me one of Mike's shirts, promoting his dog for Prez (and he for VP). I wear my Vote Freddie and the Biped shirt proudly and hilariously.

Mark Matis said...

Trump also wants to go after the corruptocrats in BOTH parties who have sold this country down the drain for their One World Government utopia.

THAT is why the screeching is so loud from all over the world, and especially from the Western "leaders" who share the same goal as the Democrats and the Rove Republicans.

Trump believes in the United States as a sovereign independent nation-state. All those screeching against him do not.

Mr. Bee said...

Don't be absurd. Row probably goosed some girl in high school and will be willing to testify to that effect should it look like he stood any chance to win at all.

Faithless Cynic said...

Trump will lose, since he has the combined weight of the mainstream media, The Klinton Krime Klan, the Democommies,, and traitorous RINO scum all opposing him. I think Trump is actually motivated by a desire to unfuck this country. Too bad he will never get the chance.

Trump has already helped this country by exposing the Repukes for what they are, double dealing scum who care nothing about the average working man.

Ultimately, Trump will dust himself off and go back to his fantastic life of privilege, enjoying his amazing family, and fucking his SMOKING HOT TROPHY WIFE. Talk about Enjoying The Decline :-)

grey enlightenment said...

clinton is universally hated, trump not so much . Trump is at least not a criminal . By that standard, almost anyone is more qualified than Cliton