Thursday, October 06, 2016

Comparing Economic Penis Sizes for Socialists

Though I've largely given up on trying to convince people about the realities of economics with reason, evidence, empiricism, and logic, for my own personal sake I like to check in on various countries to see which economic models are working.  And today I decided I'd check in on the left's favorite exception to the "Socialism Kills Nearly Everything" rule - the Scandinavian model.

To be honest, I was expecting their average economic growth to be slightly better than the US.  This was in part because of our pathetic economic growth rate (which does not beat population growth) and Norway's oil (which would not only pull up their average, but is also the single most convenient fact about Scandinavian socialism leftists purposely ignore).  But I was surprised to see the left's favorite economic children not even being able to beat the US's already pathetic economic growth:

It should be noted (and the left is already tripping over their organic coffees to point this out) that Sweden is the only country to average a growth rate above 2% (perhaps rape is good for economic growth after all).  But that exception considered, the Scandinavian model looks pretty, well, horrible.  They're only averaging around a 1% economic growth rate, a rate that is not going to help maintain/realize their socialist utopias, and only 60% their evil capitalist US counterpart.

But before we start breaking out American flags, chanting "USA,"  smugly assuming this is a point for capitalism, you have to step back and realize...

1.  The US is NOT a capitalist nation, but is by all measures a mixed economy model like our Scandinavian counterparts and
2.  The above economic growth rates, even Sweden's, still suck.

In short, we're doing a "who's got the biggest economic dick contest" amongst the smallest-dicked economies in the world - socialist ones.

Any visit to the OECD will show there are countries who are much more capitalist than the US and it's socialist sisters.  You will also find out these countries have economic growth rates averaging around 4%, 5% even 9%, doubling, tripling, even quintupling the left's lazy economic growth.  Russia, China, South Korea, the Baltics, even Mexico, all posting economic growth rates the United States used to.

I've done a much more thorough economic analysis of this, and this development is nothing new or shocking.  Lazy people who live and parasite off of a dwindling productive class will result in slowing, and inevitably, contracting economic growth.  The government by it's nature doesn't produce anything of value, and as more and more people view it as a source of income, or even employment, any country that pursues this economic policy will end.  This isn't opinion, this isn't biased "right wing talk," it's merely pointing out simple economic realities.

Of course, the real problem the West has is not economic, but psychological.  We've raised three full generations who are so ignorant and stupid, they actually think they have a right to do whatever they want and food, clothing, and shelter will magically fall out of the sky.

And it will for a time.

But understand this economic "manna from the heavens" is simply other people's work and production being forcefully redistributed by the government.  And once the parasitic class out-consumes the productive ability of the productive class, that spigot will be turned off.

And then the real fun begins!

Enjoy the decline!


liberranter said...

It's frustrating that there is no such thing as a "permanent" lesson, that each new generation has to repeat the imbecilic mistakes of previous generatilns in order to learn its lessons.

Anonymous said...

Isn't some of this growth in Mexico and China attributed to job losses in the United States? If the industries and jobs stayed in the USA and we assume the world consumed those same products from us, wouldn't the USA get credit for more economic growth? I'm not sure I would blame the USA's poor economic growth on leftist liberal policies so much as basic fundamental greed eating itself from the inside out.

Jonas said...

How does Sweden's RGDP growth compare to her population growth for the period?

Alex Bogatiryov said...

You misspelled Penis in the title

Tucanae Services said...

Just referring to the provided chart -- Sweden is probably winning because much of their GDP is confirming Bastiat's parable of the 'Broken Window' with 55 no-go zones burning up.

Sgt. Joe Friday said...

"The US is NOT a capitalist nation, but is by all measures a mixed economy model like our Scandinavian counterparts ..."

Ay Cap'n. When I was a sophomore in college back in 1977, my Econ 200 professor told the class that the US had a semi-socialist economy, albeit a very benign one. This was USC (NOT South Carolina), back then considered a "conservative" school. Not anymore; in fact I'm through giving $$$ to my alma mater.

Anonymous said...

Lefties need to stop deluding themselves about Scandinavia. They aren't successful socialist states, because they're not socialist. The government has not, and shows no sign of preparing to seize ownership of the means of production. They are nanny-states, but they are capitalist nanny-states. A socialist economy could never support the level of welfare benefits these countries maintain.

They are not examples of the benefits of socialism; if anything they are examples of the benefit of fascism.

Anonymous said...

Montteray, Mexico, is booming from what my colleagues at our subsidary there say. It isn't just American companies, but some Korean car manufactures are building there and didn't Ford just announce last month they are shifting their small-medium size production lines down there as well?

With Hillary about to be coronated, I would suggest any young American male who is in STEM to learn a foriegn language and emmingrate. You will be better off in the long run. Just make sure you file your obligatory US tax return every year.

Nate Winchester said...

Actually Sweden still proves your point as it's been going more capitalist (I've heard some predictions it will pass us in economic freedom).

Max said...

Sweden has achieved this growth rate, because in the 90s they slashed a lot of regulatory socialist laws and opened up their markets and reduced labour law overhead.
This is one of the reasons that Sweden sports higher growth rates at the moment. But current political fallout will diminish this in the coming decade.

Anonymous said...

Sweden has been increasing its population substantially too (all those refugees, you know). For example, 165,000 incoming migrants in 2015 was almost 2% of the country population. This artificially inflates GDP through government spending, and might account for most of the 'growth'. All in all, perhaps GDP per capita might be a better measure.

Tony Trucano said...

The Miracle on Ice comes to mind. Who is more communist now? Russia or the US?