Friday, November 04, 2016

A Very Cappy Christmas

Howdy All!

The Ole Captain has one simple wish for Christmas.

I want my mortgage paid off by year end.

I did the math and if all my readers were to do all their Christmas shopping via my Amazon Affiliate program, I should have the mortgage paid off in two months.  You can find the Amazon link here.

Many thanks,



BigFire said...

I've already bookmarked your link as my default Amazon pages.

LBD said...

CC, I paid my mortgage a few years ago. Few things give comparable satisfaction and sense of freedom. Good luck, you will love living without debt. It's exhilarating.

Anonymous said...

I'm just shocked that the Captain, of all people, has a mortgage.

gggg said...

I order from have you got a link for that?

Anonymous said...

Shame Americans! You are not better than a penguin. Learn fron them:

Roger Browne said...

I would also use an link

Faithless Cynic said...

Cappy - I paid off two thirty year mortgages in ten years. I ate a lot of ramen noodles and rice but it is possible. I am a peasant, descended from many generations of working MEN. Due to my working man roots, I always thought in terms of locking in shelter, food, and water. These are things you need to survive, not the newest I gadget. During the time period I paid off two mortgages, I drove the same 1998 pickup truck. Why do I still drive a beater truck today? It still runs OK and it does the job I need done. I need to get to work and haul stuff, impressing others is not required. I have also carried a prepaid cell phone ( Tracfone ) for the last 15 years and have never had a monthly bill.

Have a shot for me the day you mail the last payment. Also, the bank should mail you a mortgage satisfaction doc. Store that in a fireproof safe or bank box.

Good Luck