Wednesday, November 23, 2016

"Whitey and Welfare"

From our Canadian Indian Agent in the Field:

$235.00 for bills and food, $325.00 for rent.

That's how I managed to move out of my parents place when I was 20, by getting on welfare. From one crappy reservation house to another. This is what I survived on for... 6 years.

Didn't do anything either just spent my days and nights playing League of Legends and downloading Movies 90% of the time.

Keep in mind I never invested in myself either. Didn't have a licence until I was 26, all my ID was expired and I didn't exercise.

Because who needs all that when the money just rolls on in?

Plus my entitlement always had to be fed. "White man took it all, I at least deserve this!"

So fast forward 6 years of this sloth: no job, no car, no girlfriend, and an extra 80lbs in fat.

Who cared? Not one damn person told me I wasting my youth. Told me I was wrong to accept someone else's money because I didn't earn it. No one pointed at me and laughed. Why? Great question.

What would my people give up to continue believing the White Man was keeping them down? At least their honesty with me... so my misery was worth it to them.

They would never admit it was hard work, discipline, and honesty that provided true wealth. Nope. Never.

Another fun-fact: Not everyone got as much money as I did. Welfare was the bottom of the totem pole, the only competition we had was over comfy Band Office jobs. Where the only work done was to look busy and watch the chief manage to get most of his/her family members all "jobs" long enough to go on Employment Insurance. Not to mention all the missing funds from the Bands bank account, yep how the mighty have fallen.

At one time we lived like hunter-gatherers, against nature. Back when masculinity was celebrated.

But now whenever anyone try's to leave the crab bucket everyone else attempts to pull him back in. I could never be right in my arguments with family nor could we ever be in the wrong ethically as a people.

I would point out the flawed logic in spending money of the 'White Mans' children(Tax/Debt payers) they didn't do anything to hurt us. "They inherited a legacy of genocide!" My mother told me... now that's fucked up.

Even if we followed that principle ourselves we would end up owing other natives money. I'm sure at one point we took land, women, and resources during war. But why would I owe anyone anything? I wouldn't do those things unless in self-defence. Yet no one expects me to pay anyone!

Logic, Reason and Evidence don't work on the willingly ignorant. I'm almost 28 now and for the past year and a half I've wasted my time trying to save those who don't want to see the world is full of possibility and if they worked hard enough could afford a happy lifestyle.

My latest mistake is obvious. I attempted to bring those who hurt me off the reservation. But I now realized they can't change unless they decide to and most of them are so old now that, in my opinion, they deserve the misery they brought onto themselves.

Remember: they are now subjecting the young and innocent to their delusion and broken way of life.

So in the wise words of the man who Red Pilled me: '"Giving back to the community" presupposes the community ever gave to you in the first place.  Fuck the community.' -Aaron Clarey

About Allen:
I'm just some fat native guy trying to get his life started. Working on odd jobs and in becoming a minimalist. Feel free to follow me @realAllenK, in my free time I watch/listen philosophy and podcasts.


Nova Scotia Dream said...

Are you on Gab? Is Allen?

liberranter said...

'"Giving back to the community' presupposes the community ever gave to you in the first place. Fuck the community." -Aaron Clarey

That's going verbatim into my lexicon of "quotable quotes!"

Keef said...

Bravo sir!

Taking responsibility for yourself and your production/achievements is not easy.

Getting started is the hardest part, but once you change your habits and start to see improvements in your life it become a huge confidence builder.

Jim said...

This was the irony of the "idle no more" movement. The natives were sick of being idle, yet wanted the government to do more. With the dark history of "government help" in Canada the natives should know better than to trust the government.

It's a tragedy really. The potential for the autonomy of Canadian reserves is wasted. These could be islands of free market enterprise.

HRT said...

"But now whenever anyone try's to leave the crab bucket everyone else attempts to pull him back in".

Saw this with the Papua New Guinea natives and the Australian Aborigines. It seems a common attitude with indigenous people.

minuteman said...

I have two experiences with Indians in Canada. When I was in the army doing my officer training as a second lieutenant there was one man in my class who was an Indian from northern Saskatchewan. He was older than us because he had already been in the army for at least ten years. He had been a sergeant, and had already had a great career and traveled the world before being selected for officer training. I learned as much from him as I did from any of my instructors. He was a gentleman and an outstanding soldier.

Later in life I became a technician in a nuclear plant. This is only second hand because I wasn't there at the time. Because there was a large Indian population in the area, the company started a training program just for Indians. none of them got through the program because they were too lazy to show up for work for more than a couple of days in a stretch.

I am sure there are others like my army mate, but they are vastly outnumbered by the latter.

she said: said...

People don't understand this, but it takes three generations to free yourself from
the welfare trap. The older generation you just have to write off. They will die on
welfare. They are too set in their ways.

The next generation will be somewhat on welfare like the guy in the article. He will
have to work hard to make up time and quite likely will wind up back on it when
he's old. I wish him the best of luck - but this seems to be how the cycle works. I
hope he can beat the odds.

Finally by the third generation they are embarrassed enough by it and they are young enough to have the world at their feet. I was in the third generation. I talk from experience.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the Cap for inspiring a Canadian to look around themselves and make their own assessment. And Congratulations to the young man who wants to change his life - all the best to you, today and everyday. The very best thing we could do for our Native population is treat them as true equals, rather than the soft bigotry of low expectations for a dependency class who could not possibly fend for themselves in a modern world. It make take a while, and it may have to be removed in stages the same way it was implemented - but the time has come for Native people to fully and completely join into the Mosaic.

arturous said...

Kudos to you for seeing that blaming others for your problems won't make them go away. I'm just an old white guy who went through some bad times but finally realized (at 37 years of age) that the way to go was get a job and do the best you can at that job.

Bathmate review said...

Wow this was scathing. A pleasure to read

V10 said...

Former Prime Minister Harper tried to legislate band councils into adhering to the same transparent accounting standards every other Canadian is expected to abide by in business and government. It was rolled back after he lost the election because, you guessed it, "That's racist!"

Nevertheless, there are a few bands that have made a staunch effort to purge the cultures of victimhood and dependence from their local society. Band-run businesses giving preferential hiring to band members and maybe even turning a profit (not just subsidized make-work). Not the ideal, but still a step up from sitting in a ghetto blaming whitey while mooching off him. They of course get sneered at as 'Apples'.

Even after years of watching taxdollars p***ed down the drain, there's still a willingness by nth generation Canadians to make things right. Jaded and abhorring of PCism and white-guilt BS as I am, that includes me. I don't mind social spending, but it has to be the kind that's aimed at ending poverty, not perpetuating it. Things like full scholarships (particularly for STEM) for any native who is trying to pull themselves out of the crab basket. We're willing to underwrite damn near anything, but we're sick of seeing a lack of corresponding effort and ambition on the native side. Sooner or later, we're going to get sick of fruitless taxpayer charity and turn off the tap, and then many natives will still be living in ghetto reserves, having squandered decades and billions. Just look at how the public is souring on generously welcoming ungrateful and hostile immigrants.

Anonymous said...

This dipshit wants a recount