Monday, November 21, 2016

"When We Rise" On Track to do WORSE than Feminist Ghostbusters


lab guy said...

We need a movie supporting thee side about those white heterosexual male freedom fighters in Oregon. Certainly men with bigger balls than even some of us have.

Mr. Bee said...

SJW porn. If there's a movement that needs to happen now it's white males throwing off the shackles of the SJW culture. If Clinton had been elected, there may well have been an occupation of the MSM corporate offices. If Trump doesn't turn the culture that could still happen.

JK Brown said...

I came across this in my recent reading. It was such an explanation for what we see with the kiddies, as well as the tantrum of the 1960s, early 1970s. This is from the chapter on the psychological impact of bureaucratization. The college cry babies of the day are very similar to the youth movement in Germany prior to WWI


But it is quite a different thing under the rising tide of bureaucratization. Government jobs offer no opportunity for the display of personal talents and gifts. Regimentation spells the doom of initiative. The young man has no illusions about his future. He knows what is in store for him. He will get a job with one of the innumerable bureaus, he will be but a cog in a huge machine the working of which is more or less mechanical. The routine of a bureaucratic technique will cripple his mind and tie his hands. He will enjoy security. But this security will be rather of the kind that the convict enjoys within the prison walls. He will never be free to make decisions and to shape his own fate. He will forever be a man taken care of by other people. He will never be a real man relying on his own strength. He shudders at the sight of the huge office buildings in which he will bury himself.

In the decade preceding the First World War Germany, the country most advanced on the path toward bureaucratic regimentation, witnessed the appearance of a phenomenon hitherto unheard of: the youth movement. Turbulent gangs of untidy boys and girls roamed the country, making much noise and shirking their school lessons. In bombastic words they announced the gospel of a golden age. All preceding generations, they emphasized, were simply idiotic; their incapacity has converted the earth into a hell. But the rising generation is no longer willing to endure gerontocracy, the supremacy of impotent and imbecile senility. Henceforth the brilliant youths will rule. They will destroy everything that is old and useless, they will reject all that was dear to their parents, they will substitute new real and substantial values and ideologies for the antiquated and false ones of capitalist and bourgeois civilization, and they will build a new society of giants and supermen.

The inflated verbiage of these adolescents was only a poor disguise for their lack of any ideas and of any definite program. They had nothing to say but this: We are young and therefore chosen; we are ingenious because we are young; we are the carriers of the future; we are the deadly foes of the rotten bourgeois and Philistines. And if somebody was not afraid to ask them what their plans were, they knew only one answer: Our leaders will solve all problems.

It has always been the task of the new generation to provoke changes. But the characteristic feature of the youth movement was that they had neither new ideas nor plans. They called their action the youth movement precisely because they lacked any program which they could use to give a name to their endeavors. In fact they espoused entirely the program of their parents. They did not oppose the trend toward government omnipotence and bureaucratization. Their revolutionary radicalism was nothing but the impudence of the years between boyhood and manhood; it was a phenomenon of a protracted puberty. It was void of any ideological content.

... But the bulk of their followers were quite different. They had one aim only: to get a job as soon as possible with the government. Those who were not killed in the wars and revolutions are today pedantic and timid bureaucrats in the innumerable offices of the German Zwangswirtschaft. They are obedient and faithful slaves of Hitler. But they will be no less obedient and faithful handy men of Hitler’s successor, whether he is a German nationalist or a puppet of Stalin.

von Mises, Ludwig (1945). Bureaucracy

Bob Smith said...

I predict Hidden Figures will suffer a similar fate.

Grizzly said...

"Gays have been accepted since the 90s.....its over.......when are you going to stop playing this fucking broken record?"

Captain, I'm kind of surprised that you're not recognizing such a fundamental aspect of Leftism. The answer to your question is "Never," because for leftist ideology the Revolution is NEVER over. As an ideology dedicated to domination, they can never stop until all opposition has been totally removed. Conservatives, Libertarians, and old-school Liberals may be content with accepting other people's differing opinions, but in the world of Leftism this is strictly verboten. They will never stop.