Monday, November 21, 2016

Gab.Ai: Where the Front Lines of the Battle for Freedom Are

I find it necessary to fully disclose that I have no financial or personal interest in  I was not paid to write this article, I do not benefit financially from doing so, but am writing it because I found it necessary as it highlights what is truly the front lines in the battle between freedom and oppression, right and wrong, free speech and political correctness.  I hope anybody who is serious about these issues reads this and at minimum understands the point I am trying to make, and the importance that a platform like is successful.

While the presidential election of 2016 has turned social media and its many platforms into an indecipherable swamp of mudslinging, hate, death threats, accusations, slander, libel, triggering, and other forms of political drama, an infinitely more important battle is going on behind the scenes that all people must be aware of.  For while SJW's are using Tumblr to campaign against whatever fabricated evil white males have perpetrated against them, and Trumpsters are using Facebook to counter-trigger those on the left, what people don't see is that more and more eyes are viewing the computer screen than the television screen. And what once was the source where Americans got their news, information, data, and empiricism from, has now gone from the television to the internet.

Though originally perhaps intended merely to be social media, online social technology has unintentionally become the preferred source of news by today's younger (and likely future) generations (or at least the method by which it is spread and consumed).  This means the masters, and ultimate owners of these social platforms have (whether they like it or not) been forced into the role of not so much the media companies, but the providers of the tools that puts the power of journalism and media into the hands of the people.  News-gathering, journalism, research, investigative journalism, editorializing, marketing and dissemination has all been handed over from the outdated-dinosaur media such as radio, television, and cable to everyday people like us (as it ideally would be in a truly democratic society). 

But the problem is just like traditional and MSM companies were biased, filtering the news, biasing the news, and pushing a narrative that fit their political agendas, so too are the companies of these new tools.  And just like their predecessors they are biased, quite clearly, to the left.

Apple's CEO doesn't want you buying stock if you don't believe in global warming.  Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook fame is known more for her feminist propaganda piece posing as a book than she is for her actual job.  Facebook co-founder Dustin Markovitz famously donated $20 million to Hillary Clinton.  And if these anecdotes don't convince you, research will show an overwhelming bias towards the left in Silicon Valley.  Of course, it is possible that they keep their politics out of policy - leaving people be, drawing a clear line between their personal beliefs and company policy - but sadly they don't.  Just like their obsoleted MSM counterparts, they cannot help but let their bias seep through...if not, maliciously force it on their customers.

Mozilla famously thought it was their business to get into the personal life of their former CEO, Brendan Eich, to the point he was forced to resign over a political donation regarding gay marriage.  GrubHub (though not an anchor Silicon Valley company) told employees to quit over their political views. But these blatant violations of morality and the freedom of speech, choice, and association aside, what is most disconcerting as it pertains to the freedom of this "neo-press" and the freedom of speech in general is the way the major social media players are tightening the noose around their platforms, and the disproportionate effect it has on their non-leftist clients.

People will of course say there is no bias, but I am calling BS.  Not only because there is no study that has been published that would conclusively dis/prove it, but the anecdotal evidence I've witnessed points towards a leftist bias. I've seen Facebook put people in "Facebook Jail" for RECEIVING death threats from leftists because they were a Trump supporter.  I've had a friend's YouTube channel put on probation for videos that were NOT controversial or threatening.  Furthermore, I'm sorry, with that level of bias, where 100% of Twitter employee donations to political parties went to the democrats, do not tell me this bias and hatred of the right does not seep through.  What I believe to be an accurate assessment of Silicon Valley's true political bias AND INTENT is Twitter's recent (and at least honestly open) decision to ban what they deem "Alt-Right" accounts.  Whether the Silicon Valley masters of these new media tools will admit to having this same desire/intent, I don't care.  This is the reality the American people get to deal with or will get to deal with in the near future.

This then leaves us with the question - If the new media is controlled AND OWNED by private companies, then do we just suffer this new reality and accept a compromised freedom of speech?  And the answer is, "No, we just pull a Fox News like they did during the cable wars." And is the first "Fox News" in this new digital news media age to offer an alternative to the oligopolist Silicon Valley "neo-news" industry.

Since Twitter, Google, Facebook, and Instagram are all private companies, no amount of morality, logic, reason, or ethics will FORCE them to truly be unbiased or benevolent masters of these new media tools.  They are private entities, owned by private people, and they can plug Karl Marx and anti-western philosophy all they want.  It is up to (as it usually is) the free market and competition to deliver a new platform that TRULY allows for the freedom of speech and uses that as its selling point (NOT "virtue signaling," "going green," "diversity" or whatever other political heroin today's American sheep are addicted and masturbating to).  The real issue is - like all platforms, be they operating systems or social media - will they get a critical mass of people to subscribe to them, so instead of logging into MySpace they log into Facebook?

And I believe is the platform that will attract that critical mass.

If you don't know what is, it's not the alternative to Twitter, it's its replacement. was purposely created to ensure the freedom of speech, no matter how harsh, on a social media platform.  You would think with no controls it would be taken over by trolls, political factions, anarchists, etc., but even if it was, it doesn't matter.  It offers something no other current social media platform offers:

Freedom of speech.

This has made it an attractive refuge for what I can only describe as "the adults of Twitter."  People who wanted to have blunt, direct, and honest conversations, share their opinions, all without the worry or concern their account might get banned, put on probation, or landed in "Facebook Jail."  You can have adult, mature, and (above all else) empirical real-world conversations about race, sex, production, economics, philosophy, politics, ANYTHING all without the shackles of fear and political correctness inhibiting your speech, and thus inhibiting your intellect.  It is an oasis for people who just do not have the patience to tolerate the petty and power-tripping neo-bureacrats in Silicon Valley's neo-news industry.  And it is the "breath of fresh air" true independent thinkers and philosophers of the internet have been searching for.

But freedom of speech and all that other good stuff aside, the reason I personally like it (and I think it's's best selling point) is very simple:

I'm treated like a god damned adult.

If you've ever been banned on Twitter, got a "strike" against you on YouTube, or ever landed in "Facebook Jail," you start to realize just how insulting and condescending it truly is.  It's no different than if at the age of 37 your father started lecturing you about not going to church.  Or your mother started nagging you about your language.  Worse is where they think they have the authority to give you a "time out" or "ground you."  And even worse than that is these social media platforms are honeycombed with little, pathetic, cowardly millennial SJW "tattle-tails" who will "narc" on you as if it were the 4th grade.

Not on  There's no teacher.  There's no authority.  There's no Silicon Valley Gestapo.  It truly is the nightclub where all the cool kids hang out (and I'm not joking, the cool kids of the internet are there).

The only problem is needs two things:

1.  Subscribers
2.  Money

Thankfully, the first problem is easily solvable.  You go to and sign up.  Unfortunately, like any hot nightclub there is a waiting list.  They are growing faster than they have the computer/server infrastructure to handle, so it might be a couple weeks before you are approved.  But once you're in, you're in and you can join me at my table for intellectual shots of Rumpleminze on me.

The real problem, however is money.  And not so much so can buy the servers and hardware to handle stealing 60% of Twitter's client base.  But so that it becomes a viable option to Twitter and thus the first TRULY FREE SPEECH tool in this world of neo-news media.

To that end I ask three things of anybody who is for the freedom of speech and FULLY COMPREHENDS HOW IMPORTANT IT IS THAT GAB.AI MAKES IT OFF THE GROUND.

1.  If you are are a smart person who enjoys speaking freely, sign up with now.
2.  If you have some money you can part with, forget donating to the local corrupt RINO republican re-election campaign or some non-profit that never manages to actually solve the problem it's been claiming it will solve for the past 40 years.  Donate it to instead.
3.  And if you are an established large donor to the Republican party, Libertarian party, or any other kind of conservative group or movement, stop what you're doing right now.  Understand HOW THE BATTLE FOR FREEDOM AND AMERICA'S FUTURE IS BEING FOUGHT HERE (and not some god damned country club republican fund raiser) and ACTUALLY MAKE A GOD DAMNED DIFFERENCE by donating enough money to make the dominant player in this arena.

And yes, I'm looking at you Koch Brothers.
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BigFire said...

As you've mentioned, financially speaking, Twitter is current in a downward spiral. Jack Dorsey was brought back to right the ship, and he went FULL BLOWN SJW with its special acceptable behavior inquisition board full of SJW like Anita Sarkeesian . They turn down $5 million of ad buying by the Trump campaign because they don't agree with team evil. Is it any wonder they cannot find a buyer (their only mean of salvation).

Anonymous said...

idea for the next post: we need to find out why corporations are biased towards the left ?

Man of the Atom said...

Grand Slam, Cap!

Mr. Bee said...

They want money? Go public. Their stock price would be going through the roof right now but I can't find any mention that they are even a public company.

BigFire said...

re: Mr. Bee

Twitter IS a public company. That's the problem. Their stock price closes today at $18.60. When they went public back on November 8, 2013, the initial price was $41.65. It go as high as $69 on January 2014 and has been on a steady decline since. Recently when it was revealed that some companies were interested in buying it, the price brifely shot up to $23.05, but it's been sub $20 for the past couple of weeks.

onezeno said...

What your Gab handle?

Anonymous said...

I've heard about Gab but have one question and its a big one. THERE WILL ONLY BE FREEDOM OF SPEECH WHEN PEOPLE CAN SPEAK WITHOUT REPERCUSSIONS. So the biggest repercussion is the US GOVERNMENT AND ITS SPYING ON ITS OWN PEOPLE. And I use SPYING, loosely. If I an to speak freely I want to know that GAB will not turn my info over to ADVERTISERS OR THE US GOV. If the criminals running the US DOJ GET A WARRANT AND APPLY IT TO GAB ... SO THEY CAN GET THE PRIVATE INFO ON GAB'S USER BASE ... ARE THEY GOING TO SAY .... NO !!!! OR EVEN BETTER ... WE DON"T HAVE ANYTHING BECAUSE WE KEEP NO RECORDS.

This may sound like paranoid but are people aware that the IRS just hit Coinbase up for the info on EVERY PERSON WHO DID A BITCOIN TRANSACTION ON THEIR SITE FOR A 3 YR PERIOD. Yep ... if you bought or sold a bitcoin ... the US GOV is now going to sniffing up your ass.

What I want to know is what GAB is doing to prevent this. Anyone ????

Anonymous said...

I'm with Mr. Bee on this one. I'm on Gab's waiting list. If they want my money, they should go public. I'd buy their stock hand over fist, but I'm not all that hot into making a donation.

I'll give them money, but I want an ownership interest in return.

Fred said...

They can't stop the signal. Nobody can stop the signal.

See you there.

#2A #GunRights #GabGuns

Fred said...

#2A #GunRights #GabGuns

Anonymous said...

Why do schizophrenics always type in all caps?