Thursday, November 10, 2016

Curse Free Episode #11 of The Clarey Podcast

Lost a bet to the Bechtloff.
Trump hasn't done anything yet.
An olive branch to the intellectually honest left.
Cappy gets confused about bras.
How Cappy's business network meeting went.


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Albury Shifton said...

"Trump hasn't done anything yet"

Except he won. You know: that thing even you said he'd never do?
How about a little credit where due?

He's also made all the pathetic liberal heads explode and triggered them all. Even if he does nothing good from this point forward, he's upset all the right people. He gets a gold star for that.

BTW, what do you think Hillary's life expectancy is now? Given the number of people who've died mysteriously, those who could be an inconvenience to her ambitions, has she become an inconvenience to those on whose coat-tails she was riding?

Anonymous said...

More proof that modern day employers are sadistic and unscrupulous bastards. Seriously, applying for a job in this day and age, is proving to be degrading and humilating with the kind of shit employees now have to deal with. Its pathetic that employees are treated like second class citizens.

Anonymous said...

Seconded..what people don't realize is Trump had already succeeded beyond anyone's wildest dreams just by single handedly mowing down the big money-backed GOPe candidates (Bush particularly), even before the Presidential election. Otherwise it would have just been a repeat of 2012, GOP "Gosh darn, we lost again.."

Lab Guy said...

When it comes to jobs, I would say right now most degrees are worthless. No way in hell that the unemployment rate is 5% or even single digits.

Regarding welfare, Patrick Moynihan was leftist douche, but he did have some integrity at times. I hate Wikipedia, but this is a good summary of his thoughts about welfare and blacks.


Frederick Douglass, a slave, explained this phenomenon when he was employed as a Baltimore ship’s caulker: “I was to be allowed all my time; to make bargains for work; to find my own employment, and to collect my own wages; and in return for this liberty, I was ... to pay him (Douglass’s master) three dollars at the end of each week, and to board and clothe myself, and buy my own caulking tools.”

There are some benefits to being a quasi free person such as Frederick Douglass.


What has the government done to our money? Murray Rothbard