Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Episode #172 of The Clarey Podcast - "The Jerry Springer Presidential Election" Special

Politics is nothing more than Jerry Springer.
Watching Saturday morning cartoons in the 80's.
Wal-Mart is cheaper than Goodwill.
Venezuela...what a socialist shithole.
Prostituting your daughters for survival.
Cappy turns Negan.

and MORE in THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Captain,

You are spot on. Celente calls politics "showbusiness for ugly people".

Nothing very sophisticated and intellectually advanced ever came out of those elections.

It was put downs, childish insults, Trump's toupee etc.

Lab Guy said...

Regarding handyman jobs, you are right.

A few years ago, my mother had a guy come in to lay new tile in her house. He did a great and marvelous job and it takes a craftsmen eye to make the tile consistent around corners and such. However, we would pay the guy for the work done as he progressed and would not see him for up to a week sometimes. Being on your knees is hard work, but at some point you are like can you just finish the damn job before you go jerk off?

I do have an older baby boomer handy man that shows up on time and does good work.

So yes, if you an eye and desire for painting, drywall, carpentry and such, you will never run out of work if you can show up on time, get the job done within budget, and do great work.