Wednesday, November 09, 2016

How Trump Did Better With Blacks and Hispanics

Understand, until the Trump campaign, there were two general strategies to winning over the black and hispanic vote:

The Democrat way which was kiss their ass, pat them on their heads, say "oooooh poor babies," and then blame the Republicans for whatever ill befell them.


The Republican way which was to say in a panicked way, "We're not racist!  We're not racist!!" and kiss minorities' asses a touch less than the democrats.

But then Trump came along and presented people a third way - treat minorities like adults.

And he succeeded.

Though polling data is still coming in, I'm going to predict that by simply being a man, telling a group of people "no" and holding to standards is why Trump won more minority votes than his previous Republican predecessors.  By not patronizing minorities, treating them like retarded little step children, bribing them with candy for good behavior, he become the father figure that is sorely lacking in minority cultures and said, "No, I'm laying the law down."

This confuses both democrats and republicans because to them it was simply a bribing game about who could buy minority votes with the most government money.  This, when you think about it, is insulting to minority voters because it implies they're not intelligent, don't have their own agency, and can simply be bought off.  It's also creepy as hell because no real man trusts or respects people who are constantly trying to kiss his ass.  Trump didn't do this, instead he risked telling them no, but in the process also made it very clear he was honest and (to men anyway) showed he had a spine.

And that is where my other prediction is.

To win the minority vote the republicans (or any party) needs to play a game the democrats have been playing and that is divide and conquer.  And the line by which to divide minorities (and whites I might add) is between the sexes.  All men, regardless of race, may not like what Trump said, did, or said he was going to do, but they respected Trump for simply being a man and standing on principle.  It's why most men, if you ask them, have more respect for Bernie than they do Hillary because at least Bernie was honest.  But drawing this line does another thing - it makes men aware just how much the government has ruined their lives by replacing men's role in society with a government check.  And it is my belief, that in combination with the manosphere/red pill community, minority males are starting to wake up and see who their real enemy is - a socialist government that has replaced them.

It is here that IF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY WANTED TO they could ensure victories until I'm dead.  If the republican party were to win over the MALE minority vote, the democrats would never win an election ever again.  Of course they'd lose the female minority vote...all 2 % of them that vote republican... but they'd gain, I'd estimate 90% of the male minority vote.

Thankfully, this "divide and conquer" is not immoral or not in line with conservative and libertarian principles.  While the democrats are more than happy to ruin minorities' lives by destroying the nuclear family, replacing men with government checks, and brow-beating them into defeatism, winning minority males over with "Hey, we gotta put you back as head of the household" means a smaller state, lower taxation, increased individual liberty, and nuclear families which strengthens the country.

Of course, republican strategists like Dick Morris will never come up with ideas like this.  That takes balls.  But if any politician, President-Elect Trump included, is interested in implement such a strategy (and more), you can find me here...for a price.


Pax Empyrean said...

Part of the reason that Romney did worse with black voters in particular is that they tend toward evangelical Christianity, and Obama played up the religious differences between Mormons and evangelicals, whose relations are always a bit strained on account of most evangelicals thinking Mormons aren't really Christians. Obama zeroed in on this with a whole lot of "He isn't one of us" rhetoric.

Trump didn't belong to a religious group that was viewed with suspicion or contempt, so that wasn't a factor.

Pat Haney said...

In addition to nominating a person (Because a woman could do it, I suppose) that speaks with honesty and clarity, don't nominate a caustic woman who nearly every male in the country thinks - "Mother-in-Law" or "Ex-Wife". I know a lot of dudes who don't like Trump. But they hate Hillary on a visceral level.

Not only did the democrats abandon the white-black-anyone blue collar working class males (A yuuge constituency for them) they so much as bragged that they would put them out of work in the industrial heartland of the midwest, and coal country.

And she paid for it, dearly. Losing states that they had counted on. They took them for granted. And it was refreshing when Trump pointed that out (especially to minorities), asking just what, exactly, did they get for all those years of fealty?

Pain, poverty, and heartbreak. That's what.

Anonymous said...

I also found that 53% of white women voted for Trump which was the biggest and dramatic ironic in the United States. Then I considered multiple factors. Most of them may have instinctively realized that when Angela Markel, the German female leader, invited refugees who raped and sexually their european counterparts while the weak german male cucks did nothing, would be horrible if they let Hilary Clinton invited no borders. They made the pragmatic choice of voting Trump because despite his misogny, he is a strong Alpha male figure who takes no crap from anyone, fights off the haters, and did not succumb to marxist/globalist overlords that other beta male cucks do. Keeping immigrants out is very pragmatic so they can still have their comfortable suburban lifestyles despite being sexist insults from the "White Male Patriarchy". White women have a common sense to know that getting rid of white men mean their comfortable lives built by white men's hard work/innovation will be gone.Black women and Latino women voted for Hilary because they did not have strong father figures to have healthy relationships with men, become ultra feminists because their men are absent or weak. That's my two cents.

Dirtnapninja said...

Blacks and Hispanics like his Macho swagger. Its quite a contrast to the geldings the GOP usually puts up.

Vader999 said...

It's quite simple, really: feminism is not something Latino and Black families will stomach in the end. At their core, blacks and Latinos are still all about a macho man authority culture. They haven't been feminized like many white families are. Especially for the poorer families, tradition trumps feminism. Only the more wealthier blacks and Latinos experiment with feminism, and even then, not all of them. Hilary was American feminism personified, and that scared many blacks and Latinos into voting for a guy who many of them hated. Hence why Trump's macho man attitude appealed to them.

Anonymous said...


"White women have a common sense to know that getting rid of white men mean their comfortable lives built by white men's hard work/innovation will be gone."

No they don't. 47% of the ones that voted are actively trying to stick it to white men by voting for a known criminal. Modern White women are a complete disaster, and we all know it. I suspect the vast majority of the women who voted for Trump voted for him because he's provocative and sexy, and has a hot wife.

In all my time here on earth, I have yet to meet or talk to a women who has anything close to a basic understanding of real world politics. Even the smart women you come across have no fucking clue what's going on. It was a bad/corrupt idea to allow women and teenagers to vote. I'd rather have my cat vote. At least he has a 50% chance of getting it right.

White women as a group are actively working against white males, and have been rebelling for decades. White women have ABSOLUTELY NO concept of what America would be like if white males were completely disenfranchised.

adam said...

When feminism helps white women get certain jobs and opportunities and then those same women marry a man doing better than she is and then they use these outcomes to convince black women to forsake marriage for elitist-chasing feminism, the ability of black men to stand on their own and start their own families is lowered drastically.