Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Why Did the Stock Market Go Down When Trump Won the Election?

I give you my SAEG (TM) here:


Anonymous said...

The stock market quickly recovered and the oil sector went up and Caterpillar went up.

Trump promises make work project,workfare if you will, and revamp our crumbling infrastructure. Very good for Caterpillar.

He also promised to withdraw from the stupid climate change harmageddon regulations that is burdening the energy sector, oil sector went up.

He is already pumping up the economy. I predict an economic boom under Trump.

Anonymous said...

I have investments in US. This means the US dollar will go up and become even stronger than the Canadian Dollar. When my investment goes up my gains will be further compounded by the exchange rate.

Thank you Trump.

Kevin Drevik said...

My take is that investors had bought stock in certain companies that would benefit if Hillary was elected.

When trump won, they had to sell those stocks (hence the early morning stock drop) and buy other stock in companies that would do well under trump (hence the market coming back).

No evil conspiracy, just capitalism

Anonymous said...

I love how Trump is a "physical" president, favoring the real productive economy rather than financialization.

I love it how Trump could not care less about global warming propaganda and wants to exploit all of America's energy resources instead of depending on other countries.

I love it how Trump wants a very big military.

Let's see if he can really deliver and bring back real jobs in America.

gseo a2 said...

While the relationship of stocks to the dollar has not always been

"down dollar = up stocks" it has been this year. And in this

market, that which gets rewarded gets repeated until someone's

throat gets ripped out.
At times it has been that a strong dollar meant a strong America

and a strong economy. All rules of logic are gone due to the

oligarchs running the government.