Friday, November 18, 2016

Friday Linkfest

Where should Trump people move?

Grilling your turkey for Thanksgiving.  It's truly American.

Trump don't need no media.

Green companies vested in wind farms paid indian tribes who are now protesting the North Dakota pipeline.  They could just be whiny cunts who were going to protest anyway too.

Chicago to remain a shithole.

Shemale candidate doesn't win in Utah.

If millennials read this chart for 2 minutes they'd have learned more about civics than what all their "teachers" taught them in K-college education.

Threatening the lives of electoral voters.  It's what peaceful, democrats do.

Rebooting "Golden Girls' with Millennial girls in Texas.

Cynical Libertarian Society's pretty good podcast about intelligence being an accident or by design. (takes a while to get through the first 5 minutes of bullshit)


duck said...

There are too many reboots in the movies and TV. Make something new!

David Jravis said...

On the matter of Chicago; if "Rahmbo" wants to keep it a "sanctuary city", fine... but freeze all federal funding to it. That goes for ALL sanctuary cities.

No American living outside these cities should be under any obligation to be forced to provide tax dollars for providing services to illegals.

BigFire said...

My goto website regarding Chicago is . Daily and weekly tabulation about the murder capital of America.