Friday, November 25, 2016

Cappy Schools a Millennial on Economics

Some lessons that are a basic Econ 101 review for us, but are completely new material for the "college educated" millennials:


Anonymous said...

This is the best video you've ever made.

Jay said...

I agree with the overall point, but your 'evidence' for belief is, quite simply, nonsense. At least not with the common example most would take away.

I'm more than happy to support the assertion, just not in this format.

But again, right on with the point. Well done.
I don't have enough faith to be a communist.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Clarey:

It was not the socialism that made Sweden what it is (and it applies verbatim to the rest of the Nordic European countries):
In short, we've had a long period of real capitalism over almost 250 (!!) years. You - US - didn't had that!
Then what happened next:

So, no, no socialism ever worked, not even in Nordic Countries. Was only that the leftist really shout and is all that people hear.

Best regards.