Thursday, November 17, 2016

Should White Men Work for Fortune 500 Companies?

Is It Worth It?

I had an interesting client.  He was a white male and had been passed over for promotion, not once, not twice, but thrice.  In each instance he was passed over for a minority or female (or both) candidate who had less experience and lesser qualifications.  This prompted him to ask me,

"Should white males even bother working for Corporate America?"

To which, after some pondering and thinking I said, "No, no they shouldn't."

And it's important other white males (not to mention males in general) understand why.

There is no study or research that measures or tracks "how much white males get passed over/screwed over in Corporate America."  Not only would such a statistic be stupid, but academians and politicians are too focused pushing the opposite narrative proving just how much women and minorities are oppressed.  This relegates us to what humankind has relied upon the past 2 million years to discover the truth - our eyes.  And though anecdotal, the evidence is compelling.

There is the story of my client above.  There is my friend who was passed over for promotion because the company preferred gays and black women at a large financial firm.  There's a VERY HIGH ranking lesbian economist in one of the federal government's key economic institutions who doesn't even have her degree in economics.  I know one of the Big Four accounting firms was aggressively promoting minorities and women over higher qualified CPA's to managerial positions. recently created an affirmative action position out of whole cloth (filled by a black man, of course), the sole purpose of which is to ensure SalesForce hires based on skin color and plumbing, and not character.  And don't get me started about Target Corporation, where they go out of their way to hire, promote, and celebrate anything but white males.  You combine this with blatant-but-approved sexism/racism in the form of affirmative action, the constant celebration of women and minorities in society, and the villanization of white males with cowardly concepts like "privilege," and it presents white males a serious question;

"Is it worth working for a Fortune 500 company?"

It's Way Too Risky

While the above is nothing more than anecdotal evidence, and there is no hard statistical or scientific proof white males are actively discriminated against by large employers, realize there doesn't have to be.  The sheer risk one takes trying to make it in corporate America is daunting enough that if there's even a whiff, a slight hint things are not meritocratic it's not worth it. 

First you have to commit your entire life to working for the corporation.  To "make it" in a Fortune 500 company you need to prioritize your career ahead of your life.  Forget your spouse, forget your family, forget your friends, forget your loved ones, and forget your life. The company is your life.

Second, progressive credentialism.  Once you commit to working for a Fortune 500 company you are NEVER leaving school.  You need a bachelors just to get an entry level position, an MBA so you can keep it, and you better be keeping on top of all those freshly-pulled-from-the-ass certifications via CPE or "continuing education" classes if you hope to make it into management.  Fortune 500 companies know they have you by the balls, and can constantly dangle promotions to "SENIOR Vice Reserve Assistant Regional Director" to validate why you wasted your youth on stupid degrees and family time on worthless certifications. But what's worse is competition to advance within Fortune 500 companies is so fierce, they'll actually get you guys to pay for your own unnecessary education.

Third is competition.  If you really want to "make it" in corporate America you need to outperform and be better than everybody else.  That way you get promoted to that glorious "6 figure salary" and get the much-coveted "corner office!"  But to be better than everybody else, that means you get to work overtime, weekends, holidays, and extra hours.  It also translates into your wife divorcing you and all your children being diagnosed with Aspergers.

Now when you add this all up, and realize just what you have to risk and sacrifice in order to have a successful Fortune 500 career, even the first-day freshman business major realizes it's all contingent on meritocracy.  That in order to get promoted and make sure this HUGE investment pays off, your work and excellence has to be recognized.  It MUST BE rewarded. And if it's not or is somehow undermined by corruption, nepotism, cronyism, or incompetence, then all your efforts and labor will have been wasted, and you have more or less ruined your life.

And sexism/racism in the form of affirmative action is precisely what undermines this meritocracy, and should scare away any competent, capable, hard-working, and self-respecting white males.

What In the Wild Wild World of Sports is Going on Here?

For those of you either already ensconced in a Fortune 500 career or aspiring to work for a Fortune 500 company (or you just have an intellectual interest), you may not be able to understand why, at such a competitive level, Fortune 500 companies are abandoning excellence for skin pigmentation and "vagina."  The NFL, MLB, and NBA cannot afford NOT to award excellence, and you'd think it would be the same for a soulless corporation whose only motive is profit.  But there are two key reasons why sexism and racism is pursued in Fortune 500 companies.

1.  Virtue signalling. 
2.  Whites are perfectly OK with being discriminated against.

Let us understand VERY clearly why corporate America, Fortune 500 companies, the government, and other large employers prefer to hire anybody but white males.  It has nothing to do with "noble" motives such as "diversity," "affirmative action," or "helping close the wage gap."  Nor does it have anything to do with capitalizing off of cheaper labor via hiring women and minorities.  All this is, is marketing thinly veiled as virtue signalling.

That's it.

That's all it is.

Corporations want a cheap, nay, free way to market to idiotic sheeple and they do this by signalling their "politically correct virtues" said idiot sheeple were brainwashed to worship and value.

Don't believe me?

This is merely the third or fourth reincarnation of "Virtue Signal Marketing."

First, it was corporations donating to charities like the United Way.
Then it was corporations "going green" or "caring about the environment."
Third was the fad of "fair trade" and implementing full blown "Corporate Social Responsibility" departments.
And now it's magnanimously promoting every possible minority or woman to unearned positions of power or parading them on their advertisements and annual reports for the whole world to see.

Still don't believe me?

The examples are hilarious as they are naked.

There's Battlefield One where the WWI video game has a black hero.  There's the constant white-washing of traditionally white male super-heroes in Marvel comics to hispanic, black, or female ones.  Target Corporation's hilarious debacle of bragging about how they'll let anybody use whatever bathrooms they want.  Do I need to bring up Feminist Ghostbusters?  Pepsi's CEO is a blatant case of politics and skin color over competence.  And I dare you to find an annual report of any Fortune 500 company that has a mix of races and genders representative to the actual population, instead of a heavily lopsided mix of minorities and women.

All corporations are doing are capitalizing off of the political, psychological, and mental infrastructure schools, colleges, media outlets, and politicians have laid down by brainwashing two full generations of American sheeple.  They are playing to the vanity,ego, and laziness of millions of Americans who don't want to actually put forth the effort to achieve good, but will gladly buy political indulgences to "feel good" via buying "organic coffee," "fair trade CD's," and buying from companies who discriminate against whites and males aggressively pursue affirmative action.

Normally this farce would be seen for the bigotry, discrimination, and charlatanism that it is.  But it works because there's one unwilling accomplice - white males.  They, frankly, don't have the balls to stand up for themselves and boycott companies who marginalize them and outright discriminate against them.  And good luck getting women, even conservative ones, to boycott their precious Target or give up their morning lattes at Starbucks.  Why, that would just be too inconvenient to forego their precious Apple machines even though their husband was passed over for promotion at Apple.  Whites are universally wimps when it comes to self-respect, and some are even stupid enough to feel guilt for sins they're not guilty of.  And so they just shrug their shoulders and accept this discrimination.

This gives Fortune 500 companies carte blanche to abuse them and use them (or the lack of them) in this virtue signalling marketing racket.  And they're not going to give up this racket, because the economic truth is the free marketing is more profitable than the money they would have made pursuing a policy of excellence and meritocracy.  Ergo, they aren't really being racist or sexist as much as they are leveraging the political zeitgeist and infrastructure of "diversity," "going green," "organic," "affirmative action," and other forms of virtue signalling that American sheeple are suckers enough to swallow. 

Trust Me, They're Doing You a Favor

At one time I was the "corporate man."  I worked for large corporations, made my way up to management, earned what today would be an inflationary-adjusted six figure income, and also had that coveted "corner office."  It's what I thought I wanted, what I worked hard to get, and in the end got it.  But as a man who has walked this path in life I can tell you, nay GUARANTEE you one simple thing;

It's not worth it.

Understand from the day you can comprehend wealth the media, corporations, and the larger society is conditioning you to think money is everything.  When you get to college not only will business schools convince you "investment banking" is the path to heavenly riches and success, but Hollywood will throw in a couple of movies to convince you this is true.  The networks will create shows showing power-tripping women in New York sipping martinis and having the time of their lives.  And the relentless barrage of advertising to convince men that they need a luxury sports car to woo the women is never ending.  Corporations and colleges are not only selling you their products so that they may enrich themselves, they're also selling you the lie that "success" is a junior executive position in a downtown office for a Fortune 500 company so that you slave away for them for peanuts.

So if you're stupid enough to drink this cool aid, it is a 100% guarantee you will ruin your life.

The time commitment to succeed in "Corporate America" will ensure you have no life worth living outside work.

The taxes you'll pay, if you succeed, will ensure you take home only half.

The psychological price you'll pay sitting in pointless meetings, working for inept bosses, while commuting 50 minutes one-way downtown (because that's "where the action is!") is immeasurable.

The increasing "politically correct culture" where you're forced into "diversity training," "sexual harassment training," and you're only one fake sexual-harassment accusation away from a ruined career is intolerable.

The never ending educational and training requirements that are completely unnecessary.

And the incompetence.  Mercy, the incompetence.  I know MBA's and corporate executives like to fool people into thinking they're smart, but the fact that this "Virtue Signal Marketing" fad is the BEST idea they got is proof there's not a single ounce of originality, innovation, or intelligence among them.  You won't be working with Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg.  You'll be working with idiotic ass-kissers who try to pass on obedience and conformity for actual intelligence and leadership.  The exact same types who, no matter how "diverse" or obedient, are so myopic they typically drive corporations into the ground.

The truth is when you take the entirety of what is required to excel in a Fortune 500 company, no man, regardless of race, deserves this hell.  Not only is it unacceptable in terms of professionalism, wages, commitment, and fairness, the reality is you'll make a lot more working for a smaller company, perhaps even yourself, for a fraction of the effort.  In other words, white males may not find it fair that Fortune 500 companies and corporate America are adamantly pursuing an anti-white male agenda.  And it may have been your pre-conditioned dream to become the "corporate man."  But if you are truly the best, regardless of your race, you simply are not going to be allowed to achieve your best in an environment where we promote people because "vagina."  Let the diversity pimps have corporate America.  Entrepreneurship, or just a happy life of minimalism, intellectual stimulation, and a pursuit of one's hobbies is an infinitely better one.
Aaron Clarey is a mean, mean man who says hurtful things by speaking the truth.  You can find his consultancy, podcast, books, YouTube channel and other awesome stuff below!
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liberranter said...

Well said, Cappy.

Once upon a time, corporations were committed to excellence - which was the only way they could make a profit and survive in a competitive (even if not truly free-market) economy.

Today, with crushing, all-encompassing regulation, there is no competition. Everybody's product is pretty much identical, as creativity and originity have been suffocated to death by regulatory straightjackets. There isn't so much competition anymore as there is an informal cartel of mediocrity ("get fucked over by me, or get fucked over by somebody else. You're gonna get fucked over either way. Doesn't matter if it's me or the next guy"). With competition out of the way, and with it the need to satisfy customers, politics ans Social Justice Warfare dominate corporate America, if not the corporate western world. "Merit" has nothing to do with anything because it no longer has to. There are no real consequences for failure to produce anything of quality. Thus AA, EO, and other SJW social engineering programs designed to further force mediocrity and failure down the throat of a society that has already had freedom and choice taken away from it.

Jim Scrummy said...

Over the years I have had a few job interviews with Fortune 50 companies. I am so glad I never "got the job" working for them. The positions were management level, so I could be shat upon when things would go south. Again, kids, listen to Cappy, he's right, those companies in the Fortune 500 are SJW infested cesspools. Don't do it, you will be sorry about all the worthless sacrifices you will have to make to maybe advance yourself.

Anonymous said...

Well, since the liberals have killed the entrepreneur class (excessive regs, red tape, and gov interference) and the resultant lack of small business creation for the last decade ... its awful hard to find employment outside big companies. And to make it even worse, what small companies exist are liberal hen-houses ... look at the tech company meltdown at the trump win. Even with companies run by men and staffed by mostly men ... you have to cut your dick off to get in the door.

And as most know ... the failure rate of people who start their own business ... go it alone ... is remarkably high ... always has been and always will be. I've seen like 80-90% failure rate within 3 years of creating a new business. Looking at a different way ... going it alone will result in almost guaranteed failure.

The other thing about smaller companies ... is many pay less and almost all have less benefits that big companies. Many small companies offer fewer Holidays, less vacation, and don't even offer things like a 401k.

So ... outside big companies ... the prospects are bleak. And what woman wants to have a relationship with a man who is broke or works 80 hrs a week trying to keep his own business afloat.

If a man prefers to go MGTOW for awhile and focus on getting a biz started that might be acceptable for awhile ... except Cappy thinks ALL MGTOWS ARE NECKBEARD LOSERS LIVING IN THEIR MOM"S BASEMENT ... so he wouldn't agree with that philosophy either.

So guess Cappy's got no receipt for winning here. Not like there is one to be found ...

Tucanae Services said...

What is that old saying.... Oh yeah -- "If its that hard you must be doing it wrong."

I worked 25yrs for the largest Telco in the US. Made it to director level. First off in the IT field, even the lowest grunt is going to get certs. They may appear worthless to you but in this industry you want to eat you get certs. You want a head hunter to pitch you, better have a current CCNA. That is a simple fact of life. So that is not reserved for the 'corner office' types.

Second, long hours? Only if you let them. Got caught in that trap when I was a manager. Sometimes worked 80hr weeks. Well had a family issue come up. Told the VP no more long hours. He shook his head. Never worked a day over 45hrs after that. I still advanced in my career.

The competition. That is in the head of the beholder. There will always be people that are better than thou. Get over it. One does not always have to be 'better' just better informed. Rule 1: Get as close as you can to what makes the cash register ring. The further you get away from Rule 1, the easier it is to be rid of you. KNOW WHAT YOUR BUSINESS DOES! It is amazing the number of employees that do not know that simple fact.

Now is working Corps nirvana? Not really. Most of the attraction is gone from the game. It is still worthwhile to have a stint with the big fish on the resume. But that is about it. These days, were I to do it over, I would suggest working for a midcap, possibly privately held with good growth prospects. Those kind of opportunities you will have to search for and present yourself of value to them. Placement in such situations rarely come from head hunters.

My 2c.

Joe Regan said...

Yup, yup, and yup. First and foremost, just getting a job at one of these companies is a bear. You toss your resume into some massive DB, and the recruitment / HR will likely never see it (unless you have a rare skill set). Secondly, where does "growth" actually occur?

You work on a team of ten and you have one manager. That manager probably reports to a director along with 4 other managers. The director reports to a VP with 4 other directors, the VP to the SVP (another 5 layer tier), then finally you hit executive level. So maybe for every one exec, there's 4-5k grunt workers like you.

So if promotion is hard, what about pay? Well, you'll probably start off higher than being self employed, or at a startup, but good luck negotiating higher pay. 2%-4% raises for the rest of your life (until mass layoffs).

You work for a startup, you'll still be working hard (probably harder) than at a corporation. The corporation is good for the less ambitious, because the minimum output required is less than when you're the key guy on a product. However, you have the chance to get real pay raises. While a corporation likes people with narrow skill sets, a startup requires diverse ones.

So yeah, self employment / 1099 contract work, or a startup, is where you need to take your career if you have real job skills. If you're, like, 45-54 and some corporation offers you a starting salary that is good $, you can mail it in and take it. But besides that, pass.

Steve said...

Yeah - most all Fortune 500 companies have targets to shrink the percentage of white males. So you will always be at the back of the promotion list behind women, minorities and the really important minority women. Stay away. The bureaucracy is terrible too!

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more. I used to work for P&G at their corporate offices. They have giant posters of people from all over the world using their products. When I was last there I did not see ONE white male pictured. The halls are crawling w/ AA hires and once hired blacks are put on the promotion escalator. These people get promoted ahead of whites who actually consistently come to work on time, work hard and know their shit. All they have to do is be black. Really.

I did IT work and as we know their are very few (i.e. NONE) black CISSP's, CCIE's, or what have you. So when you run into a black IT person at Procter they are usually management. Yes, these fuckers can't do the technical work so they make them managers and directors and pay them more than the white guys doing the hard work and putting in the long hrs and weekends. It is all so incredibly aggravating to see them preening around drinking their Starbucks and shooting the breeze w/ the other AA hires while you do not have the time to take a dignified shit b/c you are so over-worked.

Working in IT is very unappreciated and under-paid anymore for all the effort involved with keeping-up with new technologies. It is an unending treadmill where certifications are an absolute must to maintain marketability. I ended-up calling it quits in my late 40's three yrs ago. Yea, the pay was what most would consider good, but the demands, stress and frustration (not to mention the various gov's taking 40-45%) were not worth it. You can't take the money w/ you. Better to die broke, but be able to enjoy our time on earth.

Once you have your house paid for and a few bucks set aside quit the rat race. It is not worth the discrimination & aggravation as a white male.

lab guy said...

You should clean up the language a bit and post stuff like this on LinkedIn. It would be interesting to see comments from others and the reactions you would get. Do it for the lulllzz...

Anonymous said...

"Third is competition. If you really want to "make it" in corporate America you need to outperform and be better than everybody else."

Just an observation on this point after 20 years at a large corporation. Being better than everyone else is becoming: Be mediocre at your job, but have exceptional brown-nosing skills, and ability to tear down your coworkers and make them look bad. If everyone in your group/team looks bad except you, then by default you'll be better than everyone else. Guess who excels at this strategy?

Anonymous said...

Several years ago, McKinsey published a study titled "The Global War For Talent"- the idea that companies were scouring the world for the brightest, most talented people.

In my experience working for large companies, this does not seem to be the case. I think there is a "Gobal War ON Talent." I have seen many extremely talented people I have worked with being fired, humiliated, ignored, or pushed out by management and/or vindictive coworkers. Always some ridiculous excuse - "He doesn't get it", "he just doesn't fit in", "he's good at ... but he's just not ...", and always coming from people who contribute a fraction of what these people contribute to the earnings of the company. It goes beyond Affirmative Action, although affirmative action can be used to this end.

I can't figure out why. My best hypothesis is that large companies, facing market saturation or artificially imposed caps on growth, lapse into a modern caste system akin to the Gervais Principle, where lower-level employees need to feel secure, middle-level employees need to feel important, and upper-level employees need to feel rich. All the strange inefficiencies you see in a corporation - endless meetings, open offices packed with people, performance reviews, gossip, office politics, crashed projects, not to mention thoughtlessness and incompetence - need to be viewed in this context, much in the way an anthropologist looks for the social relations implicit in the rituals and customs of some exotic culture. A company will be satisfied with minimum and even declining profits as long as every caste gets its emotional due.

Productivity at exponential levels is profoundly threatening to this order, and incites profound hatred. It calls the bluff of lower-level employees, who are probably doing the bare minimum, and it challenges the empty self-importance of mid-level employees. Upper-level employees sometimes accept it and sometimes ignore it - it is very difficult to tell. But again, do you really want to waste your time finding out?

minuteman said...

I have two sons, the older one is just going into high school. They are not thinking about careers yet, but if ever the topic of future careers comes up I laway tell them to think about something that they can do where they will not have to work for someone else. I also tell them to think in terms of "What am I going to do to make money?" rather than "what am I going to do for a job".

flighter said...

No wonder why all the young kids are trying to get that lucrative Youtube career.

Anonymous said...

May I offer a counterpoint?

I've been working in engineering for the past 25 years, mostly for Fortune 500 companies, and frankly it has worked out for me. My wife is a homemaker, I have two kids (almost out of the nest), the house and cars are paid for, and I only work 40-45 hours a week. Anyone who is working more than this is devaluing his hourly rate -- don't do it. How did this happen? By having an interest in engineering since childhood, self-learning engineering while I was a teenager, kicking butt in math and science, and working hard in general. Delivering newspapers, busing tables, renting videos, fixing video game controllers, working in a tool & die shop, maintaining a high GPA, etc. ingrained a serious work ethic. Holding out for the right FIRST job sets the tone for the rest of your career -- don't start in test and expect to get into development; hold out for a first design/development job and build on that. I've set boundaries, yelled at my boss, and still get good performance ratings because he knows he can't afford to let me go.

Align your work with your passion (especially if you have some passion and aptitude for STEM); the benefits will come naturally, especially when the company is on the line and you know exactly what to do.

If 80-90% of new businesses fail, you could easily spend a lifetime starting new businesses until one of them 'hits." In the meantime you have to eat. Go work for "the man," learn as much as you can, then use it start a better business later in life. In another few years my kids will be out on their own, and I'll have 30 years of accumulated wisdom in engineering and business to start a business, hopefully with a higher chance of success.

Marry young, have kids young. Work for the man and learn all you can; bust your ass. When the kids are gone, pursue something you really want to do for yourself.

liberranter said...

I only work 40-45 hours a week. Anyone who is working more than this is devaluing his hourly rate -- don't do it.

Unfortunately for your hypothesis, working long hours seldom has very much to do with the individual's level of efficiency or productivity and everything to do with having bosses who can't manage their time, plan ahead, grasp the full picture of their responsibilities and resources, or basically do anything at all having to do with the title of their job ("management"). When you work for people who couldn't prioritize, organize, or manage their way out of a Boy Scout tent, no matter how efficiently you do your job (honestly, IME, most projects allot far more time than necessary to get a job done, mostly because companies like to pad their invoices to their customers and justify putting otherwise useless middle and upper management under a billable contract), you're going to wind up working extra hours just to mop up the messes those above you create on an almost daily basis.

heresolong said...

Given your previous work on the worthlessness of degrees and the ability of someone to learn about a subject without paying college ransom ...

... is it possible that aforementioned lesbian economist has learned the old fashioned way and actually deserves her position?

Not saying she has, just that it would actually be awesome if qualification standards were changing from worthless piece of paper to worthwhile knowledge.

GenEarly said...

As someone who tried to fit in the Corporate structure, way back when most employees were White Men, I found most of the managers were just Putzes, couldn't inspire a cockroach. They were so dull and dismal. I didn't play golf so the handwriting was on the wall. I left and never looked back. Worked for myself for over 20 years, never got rich, but had a nice life, and enjoyed running my own small businesses.

Anonymous said...

A pretty close description of the Army officer corps as well.

Anonymous said...

I work for one of the largest tech employers in the U.S. and I would have to say the Captain is dead on. In my group of 11 people, the last three new hires have been women. I work in corporate IT where there are more female managers than there are actually female technical employees. Every time we hire a female IT technical employee, they rarely last three years before they quite to do something else.

I was on the fast track for many years, but now there no opportunities for me to move up to the next level because they have to make room for a external female candidate with far less experience.

Lugh said...

Yeah, Ok, they capitalized on it, but why did the Anti-White thing start to begin with? Who started it and why? Someone really hates the White Race and I have a pretty good idea (((Who))).

Anonymous said...

BTDT in a large law firm who hired minimally competent minority female attorneys merely so the firm could meet the "diversity requirements" of their Fortune 500 clients. Not enough check-the-block minority attorneys meant the hourly rate we charged got cut by a significant percentage (perhaps 20% IIRC), and the law firms agreed to that in advance. As a straight white male, I bailed as soon as I figured out the game.

lineman said...

You will be doing them a huge favor if you steer them towards one of the trades...

lineman said...

No they shouldn't... They should be working in a job where they are working outside or with there hands actually building something...Men should never be confined in an office environment it kills what being a man is all about... Do a job where women aren't in your workspace and you will be better off...Oh and I haven't made less than 6 figures since I became a journeyman...Get your boys in one of the trades and you will be doing them a huge favor...

Anonymous said...

When this all started a few decades ago, tenured professors cranked out inferior products because they didn't have to deal with the fall-out of having so many dumbasses go forth and ruin the companies they ended up working for. I get the PC marketing motive, but what happens when these companies no longer have enough white men to get any real work done? Is Exxon just going to look the other way when their oil rigs start exploding and pipelines rot clean through? Is Cisco going to be able to maintain its position as a market leader in firewalls and telephony when none of the new hires can even type, much less program in three languages? Will BHP Billiton just stop mining copper and coal because they can't engineer an operation that doesn't cave in on top of the miners?