Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Why Donald Trump No Longer Needs the Media

Brian Stetler, of MSM fame, penned a piece (where comments are, of course, not allowed) frantically claiming there was a "backlash" because Donald Trump committed the egregious sin of (GASP!) NOT TELLING THE MEDIA WHERE HE WAS GOING!!!  He abandoned the press pool and carried on with his personal life getting dinner with his family!

Of course to "the" Brian Stetler and the echo chamber of "journalists" this is just not acceptable.  Why, they're the PRESS!  They're JOURNALISTS!!!  They have a right to follow Trump no matter where he goes all the time!  And the flimsy excuse they give is that the American people have a right to know what our president elect is doing.

To which I penned a video calling bullshit on him and the MSM.

The truth is the MSM, especially CNN, are not the media.  They are propagandists for the democrat party and socialist political forces in the US.  This isn't an accusation.  This isn't hyperbole or rhetoric.  It's merely a description.  The people who constitute the main stream media today are not unbiased journalists who report the truth. They are lazy, egotistical high school kids from the 90's who wanted to "change the world" but not do any real work so they attended j school.  Their political bias is thoroughly documented and the last three elections where they pandered and carried water for the democrat party undermines all their credibility.

They just aren't real journalists.  So why should anybody who isn't with the democrat party listen to them?

But what is doubly precious is how their ignorance is only outdone by their arrogance as think they're still relevant or needed in today's world.  The truth is with the internet, YouTube, blogs, and social media, they're obsolete.  Just like authors today do not need east coast publishing houses, or artists of today don't need record labels, President Trump, or any president in the future, does not need a "White House Press Corps."  They need a YouTube channel whereby they can can communicate to American public about whatever, whenever with the added benefit of....(are you ready for it?)


I've said this before, and I'll say it again, you NEVER talk to the media.  100%, and I mean 100% of the MSM articles written about me or quoting me are spun, biased, and edited to the point that what they wrote is not the truth.  So since the point and purpose of journalism is the truth, why would you go through an institution that has a horrible track record, has blatant bias, not to mention, especially when there's a cheaper, more direct, more efficient work around - the internet?

If anything the arrogant attitude and claims there's a "backlash" from Mr. Stetler is proof just how out of touch the dinosaurs in the MSM are.  It's proof their attitudes of entitlement, laziness, and crusaderism from their teens has carried on to their careers today.  And instead of asking the very important question of "why is president-elect Trump not talking to us" and thinking about their future job security, their reaction is to throw a temper tantrum and pout.

Pout away Mr. Stetler.  I can't think of a more deserving group of people that deserve to go hungry and actually hustle for a real job in the real world for a change.
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BigFire said...

They're just unhappy that they cannot get into 21 Club on their own stature and money and have to sneak in as part of the press corp.

Anonymous said...


Paul CO said...

It's fun watching entitled morons getting all butt hurt.

Anonymous said...

Right on the money

Anonymous said...

Yet more temper tantrums from the left.

I'm half-inclined to do what my parents did when I threw temper tantrums (I was like, 5 or 6 at the time)...

Ignore them. Let them throw their tantrum and cry themselves to sleep. But pay them no mind while doing so. As you pointed out, with the internet, we no longer have to.

I guess a degree in journalism just moved up the ladder on the list of worthless degrees?

Anonymous said...

They used to be called reporters. Reports. Serious information. Researched. Facts checked. Proofed and reproofed. Hard work. Blue collar.

Now they are journalists. Journals. Professional. Collegiate. Cubicle. Perks. White collar.

Journalists, that expression brings to my mind of 10 year old girls writing dear diary entries every evening. In bed. A flashlight under the covers. Secrets. Giggling.

Anonymous said...

They're just still but hurt over Zapruder getting the assassination of Kennedy on film and not any of the "official" press.

Vader999 said...

Heck, even the Pope called fear-mongering journalists "terrorists":

Plus, remember that one of their main prizes that they're proud of is called the "Pulitzer Prize". A prize named after a yellow journalist. These people literally want to scramble on top of each other to earn a prize named after a guy who makes shit up to start wars. Is there any wonder now, why even Pope Francis, who shifts to the Left, labels them as terrorists? Next time they try to mob the President, they ought to be classified as rabble-rousers and censured appropriately.

David Jravis said...

Bill Whittle has referred to the media as "Obama's audio-visual department". You could easily extend that to the "Democrat audio-visual department". That's all it really is.

BUT, that being said, I do find this a bit disturbing. If he keeps blocking out the press, especially once he holds the reigns of power, that would be pretty suspicious. I already do not trust Trump. He is a strong-arm, authoritarian like figure with a morally shady past and a history of shifting loyalties to political parties.

It's too early to tell what his aims are for the mainstream media for now. We'll have to observe his treatment of both it, and the "alternate media", along with IT'S behavior as well.

Will the alternative media, which favored Trump throughout his campaign, be objective in its reporting on him? Will they call him out when he screws up... or will they protect him because they're on "his side", just as the mainstream media was on Clinton's. Will they just become Trump's "audio-visual department"?

Your guess is as good as mine. We'll just have to see.