Monday, October 09, 2017

A Politics Free Childhood

In this pre-release excerpt from the upcoming podcast I ask the democrats and socialists of the world if it is possible to NOT put politics, SJWing, and virtue signaling into EVERYTHING, especially kids' childhoods.


Wandering man said...

It's not playing on my phone

VFM #7916 said...


You don't have children, and as far as I've seen in your body of work you don't intend to have any.

Quit bitching about how kids are treated today. You're just going to enjoy the decline, right?

After you're done with life, nothing matters anyway, right?

"get politics out of childhood?" Fuck that. With white genocide and civilizational suicide being broadcast at every turn? That's like an SJW Brer Rabbit saying "please doan trow me inna briar patch, Brer Cappy!"

I teach politics to my children. Young. I teach them what they should do, how they should think, and what their life strategy should be. They can choose to reject it or not when they're older, but I'm not going to forsake teaching it just because they might.

"Enjoy the Decline" removes you from having a serious conversation on children, because the concept does not give two shits about planning or caring about what happens after you're dust.