Monday, October 30, 2017

The Humanities/Liberal Arts Circle Jerk

This not only shows you how pointless all of the humanities and liberal arts are, but just how sad and pathetic the people are.  Imagine that you are EXCITED that your lousy article, that you spent 6 months writing, was read by...

10 people.

The liberal arts and humanities TRULY are nothing more than make work for America's most worthless and talentless.

Perhaps if you "professors" read a book about degrees that have value versus those that don't?


A Texan said...

STEM is not doing much better. Amazing how much of it is probably worthless crap for the amount of time and effort put into it.There are several thousand engineering journals worldwide. IEEE alone at last time I counted years ago had about (3) dozen journals.

Black Poison Soul said...

Holy hell, I've had more people read my blog. >_< And it's a minuscule blog in comparison to the blogging giants!

Anonymous said...

"STEM is not doing much better."

Speaking from the software industry, there are quite a few useful papers. Nearly all of them are written by students who are snapped up by the industry quickly. Mediocre developers make as much as overpaid professors. Top tier game engine developers have salaries in the upper half of six figures. CTO's of large software companies make millions... Modern CS professors are washouts and modern CS programs are a joke, with few exceptions.

Tom said...

Liberal colleges are not even trying to pretend now, they attack masculinity directly, essentially they are openly man hating. Lisa Wade of Occidental College here in Southern California describes this, truthfully man hating is an understatement.
It’s so bad at Occidental they forfeited the entire football season because of lack of players. The word is getting out about Occidental's anti male policies.

Looked at Pomona College, another liberal arts college from here in So Cal, its full of those xyz studies degrees, cost $67,225 a year, 4 years $268,900. I'm not making this up its straight from the school's website. When you taking over a quarter million people may do some fibbing to extract that kind of cash from you.
And who wants to hire someone with a degree in professional victimization? Its inviting trouble, in my opinion a women's studies degree is worse than no degree at all, a women's studies degree makes you essentially unemployable.