Saturday, October 21, 2017

Will Leftist Politics Trump Biology?

In the latest instance of virtue signaling insanity, Playboy has announced the very first ever transsexual Playboy Playmate.

Never mind this misses the mark by 180 degrees.
Never mind no straight man will ever want this.
And never mind it's simply in the absolute worst financial interests of Playboy, Inc.

This is the new marketing strategy corporate America has embraced, not to mention proof that such leftist lunacy is NOT relegated to the radical fringes of leftist ideologues, but is becoming institutionalized among America's mainstream institutions.

But this trend of American corporations, governments, schools and other institutions embracing rank leftist insanity begets an interesting question.  Will it work? Will it stick?  Because when you boil down this political movement to its core, it's simply trying to take a political ideology and change human nature with it.  To wipe out humanity with a socialist utopia.  To deny humans their right to live and evolve as they see fit, and control it instead with a naive (and untested) leftist blueprint.

Disgusting as this may seem to sane people, it still piques my interest because it allows me to witness a galactic collision of an unstoppable force with an immovable object.

In one corner you have the unstoppable force of leftist politics.  31 flavors of gender. Gender and race are social constructs.  You don't need fathers.  Womendon'tneednomanfishbicycle ™.  Follow your heart and the money will follow.  In short the entirety of the past 50 years of leftist politics.

In the other corner you have the immovable object of a mere 2 million years of human evolution.

And, as is always the case when an unstoppable force collides with an immovable object, the laws of physics dictates an explosion...or as Sammy Davis dictates "something's gotta give."

But if leftist politics is unstoppable, and human nature immovable, what exactly is "going to give?"  Leftist politics will relent on, and human nature won't budge, so what in this world of "socio-political-physics" is "going to give" to balance out this equation?  And the answer is - the quality of human life.  Humans are going to suffer, and horrendously so.  Mentally, psychologically, financially, economically, romantically.  Suffering, all across the board, for every human foolish enough to be part of this collision.  And it ain't going to be pretty.

Let us be clear.  Between the two fighters entering the ring, one is a naive 50 year old, cultish religion, born from humanity's most spoiled, softest, weakest, yet fanatically-dedicated minds, while the other is an 800 pound gorilla called "2 million years of human nature."  And no matter how adamant, unstoppable, and relentless, when you don't abide or live by reality, the laws of nature, or human nature, that 800 pound gorilla is going to beat you senseless and you will take damage.  The real issue is whether you learn from human nature and start abiding by it, or (as is the case with leftists) keep throwing yourself up against this gorilla.  And while I've certainly learned my lessons getting beaten by the gorilla of reality, so fervent, so dedicated, and so brainwashed are leftists today, they will stay in the ring with that gorilla until they're dead, thus ensuring they live completely miserable and wasted lives.

The examples are many, funny, and sadly sometimes tragic.

For example take liberal arts majors.  Always "follow your heart and the money will follow."  "Make a change and major in social justice!"  "Study critical thinking" and somehow think there's a career in it for you.

In the end you've crippled yourself financially for the next decade with student loans.  You're not going to be able to buy a house or raise a family.  And some of you may even have to resort to prostitution to make ends meet.

Another example - transgendered people and the push for the 31 flavors of gender.

I'm actually quite libertarian when it comes to sexuality and sexual choices.  I'm pro gay marriage, I personally don't care what you do with your body as it's yours.  And if you want to believe you're a "pansexual" buy all means go right ahead.

But under the boisterous celebration of transexuality, the institutional championing of it, and the political rush to bow down and worship it, lays tormented souls where 41% of transgendered people attempt suicide.  Again, plaster as many transgendered Playboy Playmates as you want on the centerfolds, the "Gorilla of Reality" does not care, condemning many of these people to tortured psychological lives.

Feminism anyone?

For eons men and women played a yin and yang, complimentary relationship.  Where men had weaknesses, women had strengths, and vice versa, and when combined into one, humanity not only succeeded, but excelled.  It's so painfully obvious all one has to do is look at a penis and a vagina and ponder how the two might possibly get together.

But no, some really smart upper middle class white women who were bored from the 1960's knew better than the entire genetic code.  And they oh so brilliantly figured out women can be - and should be - men, and that sex is a social construct anyway.

The result?


women are less happy ever since they became "liberated,"
they still can't close the wage gap (even though we keep telling them to major in STEM),
despite their precious careers they inevitably collapse and admit around 34 they wanted a husband and children all along,
they cry themselves to sleep at night,
they have "starter marriages,"
a quarter are on mental drugs,
and articles about freezing eggs or 60 year olds giving healthy births are eerily championed and forwarded as if nature was winning all along.

Some angry, bitter feminists may have made some fortunes on the naivety of American women, but the Gorilla of Reality has ensured millions of women who believed such poppycock lived miserable lives void of love, family, husbands, great sex, children, happiness, and belonging.  But at least they got that oh-so-coveted "Gender Studies Degree."

And the children.

Ahhhh, yes "the chilllldrennnnnn."

The left's favorite cause to champion and hide behind.  Why NOTHING is too good for the children.

Where do I even begin?

First you have the left's assault on the nuclear family, replacing fathers with government checks.  Kids grow up under a broken home, and suffer horribly be it poor school performance, fights, poverty, drugs, lesser careers, and a perpetuation of this hell upon their children.

You have bogus mental diseases you accuse children of having all so teachers don't have to teach and parents don't have to parent...and lord what hell does that do to a child as they age into adulthood!?

You LIE to these children DEMANDING they go to college all so a leftist K-College "Big Education Industrial Complex" can make a trillion a year off of them...even if you cripple them financially well into their 40's.

And if you're a particularly vile leftist you'll raise your children "transgendered" or you'll force an all vegan diet on which case the Gorilla of Reality will sadly and tragically kill them.

I could go on, but I don't have to.  It's apparent who is going to win this fight.  No matter how cacophonous, complete, total, and successful the leftist indoctrination and mental illness is today, in the end reality is "reality."  It will not be changed, and it will always win.  True believers, even part time believers in leftist scripture can expect to live financially poorer, physically unhealthier, and mentally unhealthier lives, some even being driven to insanity.

This provides us sane people the one silver lining to this vile, evil, and mental leftist cloud descending on America and the West.  Our taxes may go up.  Our children may be attempted to be brainwashed.  And we will have to suffer such idiotic notions of "transgendered playmates."  But at least we have sanity.  At least we live in reality.  At least we aren't left wondering why we can't find a job with our "Masters in Puppetry" and are laden with $120,000 in unforgivable student loans. At least we aren't the rah rah college party girl feminist, doped up on antidepressants, "who don't need no man" who cries herself to sleep every night.  At least we're not sucking dick to pay for our English degree. And thank god our parents weren't militant vegans or loved transgendered politics more than they did us.

Our lives on this planet will be infinitely more enjoyable than the people who swallow whole this leftist slop and it's simply due to one thing;

We acknowledge and live in reality.

Enjoy the decline.
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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, as the Siberian fox experiment showed, millions of years of evolution can be undone in only a few generations.

A Texan said...

No, you men no straight conservative/liberty minded man will date one. I'm sure any of the liberal males who already have sexually repulsive women with dyke hair and sometimes overweight would probably like the transgender. It's actually an improvement for them to what they already have. Besides, I've mistaken most liberal males for really ugly lesbians.

Jim Scrummy said...

Interesting. I didn't even know that Playboy was still publishing a dead tree magazine. Who knew? I thought all porn was now online? Great bidness model Playboy had back in the "day"... Now, I guess like all baby boomer crapola (e.g. Rolling Stone Magazine), trying to hold on to some type of relevancy in the 21st Century. Oh well back to enjoying my decline!

Black Poison Soul said...

Playboy is now toast, so far as real men are concerned. TBH I figured it was going down back when they started with the lesbian shoots. I could see the writing on the wall.

Note, though: "the market can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent". Playboy will remain a walking leftist zombie until the very last, most intransigent, leftist SJW whack-job nut dies. That would be at least 50 more years of this dribbling insanity (short of a sudden collapse due to natural disaster/infrastructure failure/war).

Glen Filthie said...

Well Aaron - do tell.

I watched you and others scold guys like me and signal your virtue to each other when you let the queers out of the closet and made homosexuality a fashionable mental illness. But you and your virtuous buddies knew better and you shouted us down. Well now it's your turn, kid. Now you can sit there as some mealy mouthed pasty faced smoothboy lectures you on gender theory and calls you names.

Guys like you lit the fuse on this explosion and I'm not sure if I'll be happy or sad when you get consumed by it.

Anonymous said...

Dealing with reality is important as painful it sometimes is. In the long run you will be in a better position in life taking reality head on. Life is a series of choices and if you obfuscate the truth (as leftist want to do) you will make bad choices and you will be angry and frustrated and have a sub par life. Take reality head on, win or lose you will feel better about yourself that you did your best to make the correct choices for yourself in your life.

YIH said...

For the last two years I've seen saying ''When Hef finally goes to that Playboy mansion in the sky, shortly thereafter the print Playboy will cease to exist'' The tranny issue will be Nov. The first issue was Dec. 1953. I suspect the final issue will be Dec. as well. IOW, this is their last shot at garnering attention (and profits from collectors) before the skin mag shop closes for good. As you probably already know, the internet has left a giant smoking crater where the porn industry once was. Skin mags are as obsolete as payphones today.

Ziggurat Vertigo said...

I'm not so sure the leftards will follow their ideologies to their deaths. I think 24 hours without food and 90% of them will fold. What they will do is pass laws that get other, real men to threaten violence to enforce their wills and sooner or later those men (law enforcement, national guard) will just not be interested in enforcing laws they 100% do not agree with.

How many cops will throw a innocent man into a labor camp just to keep the welfare state going? Just so people who choose to be useless can keep their indolent lifestyles? And when you consider the resources required to force people to do labor (the overhead of guards, slave drivers, etc), the margins of return can't be enough to sustain this. Literally all the wealth in the world cannot sustain this. And that which cannot be sustained will not be sustained.

How many leftists are willing to actually die for what they believe? Very, very few I would wager. I don't even think they believe this can last forever. The anxiety levels on the left are through the roof - I think it's the root of Trump Derangement Syndrome. They're projecting onto him and his supporters the nonsense they know is made-up because deep down they know what they believe in is unsustainable. Why be anxious if you think you're going to win?

jabrwok said...

When the last law relating to marriage, the last legal benefit, the last degree of social status, is repealed, when "marriage" is just another word for "roommates", then I'll stop objecting to same-sex marriage.

Of course civilization will be dead by that point.

Marriage exists to ensure recognition of paternity. Absent a socially and legally enforced restriction on female sexuality, men have no reason to believe that any given sprogs are theirs. Absent recognition of paternity, men have no emotional or biological investment in their communities beyond their own lifetimes. That investment is what built, and what maintains, civilization. The Left has been chipping away at that foundation of civilization for decades now, and re-defining marriage to mean "welfare for allegedly loving people in any combination of sexes and/or degrees of consanguinity" is likely the final straw.

I'm actually glad I have no children. I no longer cares what happens after I die. Eat, Drink, and make Merry, and Enjoy the Decline and Fall.

Anonymous said...

A lefty friend, starting to realize the insanity surrounding him, once asked me where all of this [cultural marxism] will end up.

I said, "Genocide. Historically, when one group of people use government power to force an unwanted culture down the throat of another, it usually ends in genocide. The only questions are who will start it and when. Assuming, that is, the nation survives that long."

When an unmovable object encounters an unstoppable force, one or both will be destroyed energetically. Keep that passport up to date, and enough cash to GTFO when you need to.

Anonymous said...

"How many cops will throw a innocent man into a labor camp just to keep the welfare state going?"

See every communist dictatorship ever.

Robert What? said...

There's another alternative to throwing yourself endlessly at the immovable object, and that is the path the "elite" have chosen: pick up someone else and use their head as a battering ram against the immovable object.

Tucanae Services said...

Well if the NFL débâcle is any indication, I am voting on Immovable.

Anonymous said...

Not really relevant here, though. After 20 generations, only 35% of the foxes were domesticated...and that's after selectively breeding the favorable ones and killing the rest.

Humans take much longer to reach sexual maturity, and pajama boys certainly aren't outbreeding the Chads.

Anonymous said...

Way to make an assertion as a premise, not actually present a conclusion (implied, I suppose), and fail to connect one to the other.

Cry more, I guess?

YIH said...

Thought I'd pass this along. I thought ''OK, that's the Peoples republic of Minnesota, of course they would restrict that''
Then I looked up FL laws on that.
Here is the good/bad news:
Florida Distillers Permit
Commercial distillers permits are available in Florida. It’s called a Craft Distillery License and costs about $4,000 in fees. Find more information in Florida Statutes Section 565.03). Look for Application Form # ABT-6001. Possession of unlicensed alcohol is a felony over one gallon and a misdemeanor under that amount.

No, I do not have a still.
Distilling alcohol was semi-legalized in '78 to promote alcohol as a supplement to (or a replacement for) gasoline. With the provision that that the ''liquor'' is ''denatured'' (made poisonous, such as blended with gasoline).

Anonymous said...

Libertarians have never come clean to the reality that anti-family culture war programs are now the health of the state, because (serious and scalable) war is no longer viable due to nuclear weapons. Libertarians are stuck in their anti-Prussian mindset, railing against something already obsolete and replaced by an even worse leviathan.

Wandering man said...

THE decline
Not MY decline

Wandering man said...


Wandering man said...

Peoples republic of Minnesota

GregMan said...

"And when you consider the resources required to force people to do labor (the overhead of guards, slave drivers, etc), the margins of return can't be enough to sustain this."

Solzhenitsyn was of the opinion that Stalin's camps could not possibly have paid for themselves, but that didn't stop them from being sustained for a good many decades.

Anonymous said...

1. We just want acceptance.
2. We demand the right to marry.
3. Bake this cake, you bigot.
4. Let me fuck your kid, white cis scum.

SJ said...

Go look up what has happened historically during a leftist singularity. They will not die for their ideology, but they will kill each other and everyone else for it.

Moritz Krämer said...

Forget cash. Stock up on weapons, ammo, iodine and precious metals. Also some non-perishable food. Cash collapses with the gvmt.