Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Episode #218 - The Tinder Man Hating Episode

Cappy golfs again.
Chipotle's politics vs. QDoba's Food.
Tinder just plain hates males.


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Anonymous said...

Chipotle stock price has gone from a peak of $721 in mid 2015, to $324 today (-55%). Qdoba is owned by Jack in the Box, and doesn't have its own stock ticker. But the parent company Jack in the Box (JACK) has been slightly increasing since 2015, $87 to $102 (+17%).

This is even more interesting: looking at the stock prices based on the EBIDA multiples, JACK is perfectly priced at a 12 multiple. 12 is the "standard" multiple given for the restaurant industry. But Chipotle is trading at a 25 multiple! That means the stock is about double the price it should be. Yikes, watch for that stock price to struggle in the next few years.

heresolong said...

Think this was the episode where you hated on the "hippie" names Faith, Hope, and Charity. I assume you'd include Grace in this list so thought I'd mention that I am a descendant of John d'Orsay who invaded England with William the Conqueror in 1066. His wife's name? You guessed it. Grace D'Orsay. Predates the hippies by a couple years.