Friday, October 06, 2017

For the Aspiring Entrepreneurs in my Audience

I did an interview with David Barnett who is a sponsor of my show.  Yes, it is a commercial of sorts, but I wanted to get him on because (not only did he pay me), but there are many of you who are aspiring entrepreneurs and you may be looking to entrepreneurship as a means of retirement.  Also, most of you are aware of the overvalued stock market and purchasing or investing in small, privately held companies (as opposed to large, publicly traded ones) may provide higher returns.

I certainly plug his services, but 90% of the interview is good do's and don't's in the world of purchasing a small business.  There's also some interesting anecdotes and stories that teach anybody about the risks of purchasing a business and entrepreneurship.  Regardless, consider visiting David and checking out his videos to get a sample of what he offers.

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