Monday, October 23, 2017

Men are to Blame for Women Invading Their Spaces

Mr. Piggott takes a more nuanced approach, highlighting men wanting to please women in an attempt to get laid, going so far as to let women invade their spaces.

This is true.

But it's also because men are pussies nowadays and simply are of incapable of telling a woman to fuck off and then (upon the guaranteed screeches and accusations of "sexism") say

"I don't give a fuck."

Follow up by

"Make me."

And that, my good friend, would be the end of it, and you could go about running your all male institutions once again in peace.


Wandering man said...

Or as they say on 4chan: "tits or gtfo"

Anonymous said...

You don´t really have to push them out. In my experience you just treat them the same as men and they fuck off by themselves rather quickly. Those who don´t are actually capable of conforming to the standards and so it doesn´t matter they are women. (mma training experience)

Jay said...

I've been banned from so many websites for telling men to stop restructuring male spaces to cater to women.


The problemo Anon... We are told to change our ways to an effeminate standard. And as el cappy makes clear, there are too many male pussies out there to just tell the nags to sod off.

Anonymous said...

Most women are just losers. Enough said.